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OOCL Proforma Schedule Adjustments





April 28, 2015

Asia-Europe Trade – Proforma Schedule Adjustments

Dear Valued Customer,

To improve the schedule reliability of four Asia-North Europe services, we would like to inform you that the Proforma Schedules of LP4, LP5, LP6 and LP7 will be fine-tuned.

New Proforma Schedules taking effect from below sailings:

  • LP4 APL Vanda 008W with Ningbo ETA on May 15
  • LP5 Leverkusen Express 006W with Kwang Yang ETA on May 15
  • LP6 NYK Helios 011W with Kaohsiung ETA on May 15
  • LP7 MOL Quintet 006W with Qingdao ETA on May 11

For further information, please kindly contact our local representatives or find out the latest Sailing Schedule at e-Services of OOCL.COM.

Thank you for your understanding and support of OOCL.



OOCL Transatlantic wb Withdrawal of West Coast Congestion Surcharge





April 28, 2015

Trans-Atlantic Trade U.S. West Coast – Withdrawal of Port Congestion Surcharge



Notice to Valued Customer:

Pursuant to FMC Reg. 46 CFR Sec. 520.3 (d), OOCL has published the withdrawal of Port Congestion Surcharge (“PCS”) for the Trans-Atlantic Trade U.S. West Coast effective May 1st , 2015 under Tariff Code “OOLL-066” and Rule “4-T”.

The information is available through the “Tariffs & Rates” page on our website under “FMC Regulated Trades” and by clicking the “Rule Tariff” column.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact our local customer service representatives.

Thank you for your continued support of OOCL.




OOCL update on American Continent





North America Operations Update

Week of 27 April, 2015


Dear valued OOCL Customer,


US west coast cargo operations cleanup efforts resulting from the backlog caused by the previous months of labor slowdowns and extreme terminal congestion continue.  Estimates are that the cleanup efforts will be ongoing for the next few weeks.  We will continue to keep you informed of the progress.

West Coast Labor Update


  • ILWU contract.  Final tally of votes by rank and file members to take place May 22nd.
  • ILWU Local 10 (Oakland) will hold a Stop-work on the first shift May 1st; consequently, both Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) and Trapac Terminal will be closed.  Both terminals will reopen on May 4th.
  • Drivers strike at Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach
  • As of this morning, teamsters are present at all G6 terminals: LBCT, YTI, GGS, TraPac and CUT.  However, gate traffic is currently fluid and no disruptions being reported.
  • Four local drayage companies targeted – not the terminals themselves.
  • Impact on West Coast operations at this point is very minimal.


North America Rail Operations


The BNSF operation generated another week of steady velocity performance and good fluidity across the network.  BNSF maintenance activity is in full production with work continuing on new double-track projects along their Southern Transcontinental route.  As this work is being done, some trains may experience minor delays through the area.



Truck Power


Truck Power across the USA to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups continues to be a major concern especially in the Midwest, Gulf, Northeast, and Southern California.

  • There is a shortage of trucking companies willing to dray hazardous containers.
  • There are no truck power issues in Canada and Mexico.
  • Please see our Truck Power Map on for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.



Vessel/Loop Deployment Changes


Terminal First Receiving Date information site link for export cargo container receiving as reported by North America terminals continues to be updated daily on USA and Canada web sites.


Pacific Coast Port Call Changes:  To assist with vessel service recovery resulting from U.S. West Coast port congestion the following service changes will take place:

NP1 service will temporarily shift the Tacoma port call to Seattle.  Cargo scheduled to load/discharge Tacoma will now route via Seattle per below.

OOCL Asia               074     ETA 01 May
Zim Rotterdam   027     ETA 09 May
Frankfurt Express       031     ETA 17 May

NP2 Service will temporarily switch its Seattle port call to Tacoma.  Cargo scheduled to load/discharge Seattle will now route via Tacoma until early-May.  Impacted vessel/voyages are as follows:

Hyundai Mercury 040     ETA 28 April
Hyundai Faith   045     ETA 05 May

PA1 services will temporarily shift the Tacoma port call to Seattle.  Cargo scheduled to load/discharge Tacoma will now route via Seattle per below.  PA1 service will resume Tacoma port calls in early-May, 2015.

Halifax Express 067     ETA 01 May

PA1 – Temporary Los Angeles Port Omission In order to help ease the current congestion at the Port of Los Angeles; the G6 Alliance has taken the step of implementing a temporary omission of an eastbound port call at Los Angeles for the PA1 service through May. The service will continue to call Port of Oakland.

During this temporary period of PA1 port call omission at the Port of Los Angeles, you are encouraged to use our alternative CC1, CC3, CC4 and JPX services for your Transpacific shipments. For Transatlantic shipments, there is no all water alternative during this time period.  For alternate land bridge routing for your Transatlantic shipments during this period, please contact your Sales Representative. Service maps and schedules for all our services are available at

JPX Temporary Oakland Port Omission

The JPX service will resume calling Oakland on 03 May with the arrival of the YM Efficiency.


Current Vessel Schedule


For the most up to date scheduling information please do refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on



Pacific Southwest

  • Port of Long Beach’s launched a new page on its website showing vessels at berth and anchorage.  The “Vessels at a Glance” page features a daily update showing all vessels at berth and anchor within the port, as well as their arrival and departure dates and length of stay in Long Beach.  The new page includes charts updated weekly showing the number of vessels at anchor at Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as trends for the last six months.
  • No G6 vessels at anchor since March 30th.
  • Most all loops back on proforma schedule.
  • Chassis supply levels vary greatly throughout the region but are improving.




  • OICT was highly congested this past week.  Congestion was compounded by extreme chassis shortages and gate turn times averaged over an hour last week.
  • Oakland Trapac operations were moderately congested and turn times averaged 40 minutes.
  • Both terminals were extremely short of pool chassis.


Tacoma & Seattle

  • WUT was normal last week.  The terminal continues to post an announcement on their website which vessel(s) they will receive export cargo on the following day.  Gate turn times average 30 minutes.
  • Seattle T-18 was normal.  Gate turn times now average is 25 minutes.





  • CN currently has enough cars on hand or enroute to Vancouver Terminals to cover the current demand, however, both of our Vancouver Terminals remain extremely fluid.



USA Midwest & South Central

  • Truck power issues continue to impact many Midwestern cities.  See the truck power map link above.



CN Montreal


  • Due to several vessels arriving in succession, CAST Terminal did have some containers dwelling above 4 days.  Expected to be improved this week.

CN Halifax


  • Dwell times for intermodal containers declined last week and remain primarily one to two days.


New York Terminals


  • Port wide chassis shortages have negatively impacted the flow of goods in the NYC area and contributed to terminal congestion.
  • GCT Bayonne struggled again with congestion last week.
  • Chassis supply continues to be a problem in the NYC area.
  • Door delivery truck power lead time remains 5-7 days in the NYC metro area.



Norfolk International Terminal


  • The port will maintain its Saturday gate hours at Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) through Saturday, June 27.
  • On April 20 NIT commenced operation of the Reefer Service Area (RSA). The expectation is that this will make the reefer process more efficient in the terminal and will shorten the truck turn time for these transactions.



South Atlantic

  • Due to industry volume surge, Memphis area truck power is very tight, pre-planning is necessity to reserve sufficient power.  We can locate resources as long as they are given adequate lead time.


  • Depot, trucking, and rail services all normal.


Yours Sincerely,

OOCL North America



MOL Euro 45,- Pick up fees for containers in German Hinterland






Dear valued customers,

as one amongst the leading container carriers MOL EUROPE B.V. is highly ambitioned to meet global trade and transport demands and requirements.
This is steadily proven by our nationwide container availability at various inland locations & depots, which we continuously supply in accordance with our customer demands to support both regular and exceptional cargo flows.

We want to remind everyone that we, after diligent analysis and calculation, have already imposed a PICK UP FEE at the amount of EUR 45.- per container once released ex one of our Germany located inland depots.

Having said so we are confident to act also in your interest and ask for your kind consideration of this upcoming surcharge.

We wish to express our sincere thanks in your trust towards MOL EUROPE B.V. and looking forward to your future shipments.
We remain at your service for any further questions.
MOL Linder Ltd.






MOL GRI World to Madagaskar and Mozambique






Dear Valued Customer,


General Rate Restoration to Madagascar and Mozambique effective May 01 , 201 5


This is to inform that MOL will implement General Rate Restoration (GRR)

to all kinds of cargo moving

from all origins to Madagascar and Mozambique with effective from May 01 , 201 5.

This GRR action is essential for us to sustain our service level. Details are as follows:


From: All origins

To: Madagascar (Tamatave), Mozambique (Maputo, Beira)

Quantum: USD1 00/200 per 20’/40’

Effective Date: May 01 , 201 5 (B/L on-board date basis)


Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support and understanding. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our local sales office. Sincerely, South America & Africa Trade Management, MOL Liner Ltd.



OL Global Agency Meeting in Hamburg


OL is proud to announce the 4th annual agency meeting as of today April 27th until April 30th here in Hamburg!


We are welcoming our friends from more than 60 nations to discuss the future of our fast growing network.


Our webmaster will be present at the meetings so that the OL news service on this website may be a little slow for the next days!





OOCL Asia to Europe blank sailings






April 24, 2015

Asia-Europe Trade – Service Update

Dear Valued Customer,

In response to the expected low demand over Labor Day holiday, we would like to inform you of the withdrawal of the following Asia-Europe sailings:

Asia – North Europe service

–    Loop 7 service on Week 18 (ETA Qingdao on 27 April, 2015)
–    Loop 4 service on Week 19 (ETA Ningbo on 8 May, 2015)
–    Loop 6 service on Week 21 (ETA Kaohsiung on 22 May, 2015)

For further information, please kindly contact our local representatives.

Thank you for your understanding and support of OOCL.




MOL USA tariff simplification





April 9, 2015

RE: Simplification of MOL tariff structure in United States Trades

Dear MOL Customer:

MOL is pleased to advise that we have implemented a simplified and more user-friendly United States tariff structure by consolidating all of our existing Transatlantic, Transpacific and Latin tariffs (21 in total) into three new tariffs applicable for all trades to and from the United States:

MOLU 300

Covers all inland rules and rates Effective March 1, 2015

MOLU 301

Covers all tariff rules and rates for import into the United States Effective April 1, 2015

MOLU 302

Covers all tariff rules and rates for export from the United States Effective May 1,2015

As part of this simplification, we are also standardizing the rules and wording over the three FMC-trade lanes and cleaning up old and outdated applications. Please understand that this process does not result in any rate increases and that contract shipments will not be impacted with the exception of some technical impact of contract wording.



The consolidated tariffs will be viewable on as follows:

(1)    Click on Tariffs and then click on FMC Tariffs

(2)    Click on Rules.

(3)    Enter the above corresponding # into the Tariff/Contract# field

(4)    Select the corresponding date. (For MOLU 302, set the access date on May 1, 2015 or later.)

(5)    To access current rule tariffs, please use the Select from list function to find the tariff number and set the access date to April 30, 2015 (or earlier).

If you have any questions, please contact your MOL sales representative. As always, we appreciate your business. Thank you.


MOL (America) Inc.




MOL Service changes UAM





1 7th April, 2015

Dear Valued Customer,
We are pleased to inform you of the following changes to the UAM service , effective from WK18,  EVER CHIVALRY(CHV) 73W (ETA TAO 16-April).



 Port calls dropped – Tokyo / Osaka/Pusan /Hong Kong

 Port calls added – Jeddah

 Rotation change – Koper & Trieste


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website Yours faithfully, MOL Management



MOL GRI Europe to Asia






17 April 2015

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that MOL has decided to implement a General Rate Increase (GRI) for cargo moving from Europe to Far East Asia (including South East Asia and Japan)

The following GRIs will be effective from 1 June 2015 (Bill of Lading date).


•    USD100 per TEU for DRY cargo ex North Europe ( Including UK /Ireland , Scandinavia & Baltics ) and the Mediterranean (East- and West Med, Black Sea & North Africa)



•    USD150 per TEU for REEFER cargo ex North Europe ( Including UK /Ireland , Scandinavia & Baltics ) and the Mediterranean (East- and West Med, Black Sea & North Africa)



This GRI is applicable to all commodities

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website