CMA USA: Solas VGM update

CMA USA: Solas VGM update








SOLAS/VGM Policy Update


Dear Valued Client,


There have been several changes over the past few weeks regarding how VGM’s will be handled for US Exports, and we would like to take a few paragraphs to brief everyone on the current status with CMA CGM for US exports.


First, regardless of how cargo is moved, CMA CGM will accept a VGM via our website (for e-commerce registered users), via any of the internet portals (INTTRA, CargoSmart, or GT-Nexus), via email, or via fax. Note that for email or fax submissions, there will be a process fee for manual VGM submission.


At marine terminal facilities that acknowledge having scales and processes that meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for terminals providing VGM, shipper may allow the terminal to weigh the container and provide the gross mass to carrier as a VGM equivalent. Shippers availing themselves of this option are not required to provide a signature to Carrier, but acknowledge that use of this method is verification of the gross mass. When VGM is provided by the marine terminal on behalf of shipper, shipper shall remain liable to Carrier for any loss, damages, costs, fines or penalties to carrier arising out of any entity’s or regulatory authority’s refusal to accept or acknowledge VGM calculated in this manner.


For those containers that are not weighed by the terminal – primarily ondock rail exiting via the US West Coast or at some terminals in the NY/NJ port complex, a shipper supplied VGM will be required prior to the container being loaded to our vessel.


We are working within OCEMA and with the USCG to address the possibility of utilizing the Intermodal Safe Container Transportation Act (ISCTA) declared weights to assist in VGM provisions for ondock rail containers which arrive at the port without a shipper submitted VGM, but as this process is still pending, a shipper issued VGM remains a requirement for these containers.


Our VGM cut-off is normally at noon of the last day of cargo receiving, with some local exceptions applicable. However, shippers should be aware that some terminals may charge a weighing fee if a container arrives at the gate without a VGM on file, and these costs will be for account of the shipper.


For assistance with VGM submission or for general information regarding the SOLAS VGM requirement, please refer to our website at
For a list of our terminals and the VGM situation as of noon EDT June 29, 2016, please refer to the below chart. Please note that this chart is subject to change without notice.





Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM sales representative. For current schedule activity please visit our Web site at
Best regards,
CMA CGM (America) LLC