K- Line GRI notice Transatlantic wb, Oct. 1st.

K- Line GRI notice Transatlantic wb, Oct. 1st.

This is the K- Line notice:




Trade               Europe to North America

Subject            General Rate Increase (GRI) Notification

Effective          1st October, 2014



Dear Valued “K” Line Customer,



In order to maintain sustainable and acceptable service levels, “K” Line has taken the decision to announce the following GRI for dry and refrigerated cargoes with effect from 1st October, 2014

covering the westbound trade from North Europe to North America:


  • US$ 250 per 20ft Dry Van
  • US$ 350 per 40ft Dry Van/Reefer
  • US$ 350 per 40ft High Cube/Reefer




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