Annual OL worldwide Agency meeting in Hamburg

Agents from at least 50 nations will come to Hamburg in the early days of June for the big annual agency meeting 2014! It is an incredible success for the actively managed OL network that so many agents want to meet their partners to futher improve the cooperation and to develop new business for the [...]

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Transatlantic North Continent to USA rate increases

We see more and more notices coming in from the lines where big rate increases are announced. The GRIs are presently set to take place on July 1st, 2014, more or less directly before summer vacations will start. We are very curious to see, what will happen!  As mentioned in our previous Newsletter, the big [...]

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Transatlantic westbound news

The market situation on the Transatlantic westbound seems to be governed by pretty full ships, this to avoid the term “overbooked ships”! Some US West Coast cargo can only be booked for the earliest sailing in July, capacities to the East Coast are also pretty full, but not as much as to the West Coast. [...]

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Watch out on the max. container weights to the USA!

It is an ongoing issue that truckers and carriers in the USA do have very restrictive weight policies, following the individual laws in the USA. We just got this information from MOL as one of the examples of the max weights allowed: Please find the current maximum allowable gross weight for cargo movements ex / [...]

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Canadians tighten the pre- loading reporting!

Here below is an update about Canada’s upcoming eManifest for Forwarders and Importer Advance Trade Data (ATD) regulations. CBSA is leveraging sophisticated technology and analysis of information to automatically and rigorously risk assess commercial goods prior to their arrival in Canada, using the pre-arrival/pre-load electronic information. Canada’s eManifest is part of Canada’s Advance Commercial Information [...]

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Zim realigns Med to USA services as of Q3 2014

We are pleased to inform our customers about the latest news that we got from ZIM in the Mediterranean: Quote Dear ZIM customer, ZIM is pleased to inform you of the new structure of the Med-US Cross Atlantic services, offering enhanced services to customers with improved port coverage and transit time. The new enhanced structure, [...]

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MSC announces possible PSS

MSC just announced a possible Peak Season Surcharge for the Euro to Canada Trade lane as of June 1st! Let us wait and see, if they will really execute this new additional! Read more:  MSC PSS Canada

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