NYK Transatlantic AX2 Blank Sailings

  Further details on the blank sailings:   Quote     Transatlantic Trade Update Notice of AX2 Blank Sailing   28th November 2014   Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised of a scheduled phase out operation planned for AX2 – Boston Express 100E – in Europe. There will only be discharging operations up to Bremerhaven [...]

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NYK Transatlantic AX 1 Service Blank Sailing

  Quote   Transatlantic Trade Update Notice of AX1 Blank Sailing   28th November 2014   Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised of a scheduled phase out operation planned for AX1 – Frankfurt Express 029E – in Europe. There will only be discharging operations up to Southampton on this voyage and a subsequent blank sailing [...]

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CSAV Low Sulphur Surcharge

  We wonder, who is missing in the meantime, we only seem to distribute Low Sulphur Surcharge circulars...:   Quote     Dear Customers, At CSAV we are very worried about the environmental protection avoiding any impact we may cause. For that purpose, and following the international environmental regulations, we will introduce a new Low Sulphur Charge [...]

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NYK Transatlantic Low Sulphur Update

      Transatlantic Trade Update ECA Regulation Surcharge and North Europe Outports ECA Surcharge   28th November 2014   Dear Valued Customer, As of 1st January 2015, every ship operating within the Emission Control Area (ECA) must use higher quality fuels with a sulphur content of no more than 0.1% (current limit 1%). Adherence [...]

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OOCL Transpac Port congestion surcharge postponed

  Another one, first installed, now cancelled...:   Quote   Transpacific Trade (Eastbound) - Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS) Suspension Dear Valued Customer, Further to our announcement released on November 25th, OOCL has decided to postpone the imposition of the Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS) on all cargo entering the United States via US West Coast port [...]

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MOL Low Sulphur Surcharge

    Here the details of the MOL Low Sulphur Surcharge:   Quote     November 26, 2014   RE: Low Sulfur Fuel Charge (LSF) – Effective January 2015   Dear Valued Customer, As a global shipping company with operations around the world, MOL Liner is committed to comply with the international environment regulations in [...]

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Hyundai West Coast Update

    Hyundai gives that latest overview on the port situation  at the  West Coast of the USA :   Quote     27thNovember 2014 Dear Valued Customer: Further to our last update, and as has been widely reported, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union(ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) continue to negotiate a new [...]

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OOCL Winter Program Update

    Here the latest details about the winter program on the Transtatlantic.     Quote     Trans-Atlantic Trade - Winter Program Update   Dear Valued Customer, In response to the expected low demand during the upcoming Christmas and New Year period, we would like to inform you about the withdrawal of the following [...]

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K Line Low Sulphur Surcharge

  One by one the carriers show up with the numbers, here now K- Line:   Quote   Customer Advisory Notice New Emissions Control Area Surcharge (Europe & USA)   Dear Valued “K” Line Customer, With effect from 1st January, 2015 new legal requirements will come into force within the Emission Control Area (ECA) of [...]

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Evergreen Low Sulphur USA Trade

    The Low Sulphur Story will entertain us for a while, here is another one:     Quote     Low Sulphur Surcharge USA Trade Dear valued Customer, we as Agent of EVERGREEN LINE would like to inform you, that Low Sulphur Surcharge will be implemented in view of International Maritime Organization new environmental [...]

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