CSAV Adjustement of THC in Germany

    Quote   27. March 2015 Dear valued Customer CSAV has decided to adjust the amount of the Terminal Handling Charge for shipments from and to Germany.     Pls notice that as from 1st of May our new values will be as follows: POL / POD:         Hamburg + Bremerhaven THC:           EUR 220 per [...]

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NYK St Petersburg winter surcharge withdrawal

      Quote   St Petersburg & Ust-Luga Winter Surcharge   30th March 2015   Dear Valued Customer, NYK would like to announce the suspension of the St Petersburg & Ust-Luga Winter Surcharge with effect from 1st April 2015.   Asia – Europe and Transatlantic Trades, both Eastbound and Westbound.     Should you require [...]

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NYK GRI Europe to Asia

    Quote 30th March 2015 Dear Valued Customer,   Please be advised that NYK will implement 2015 Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) program for Eastbound with effect from 01st May 2015(This SRR was originally intended to be effective from 01st April 2015 but deferred to 01st May 2015). .   Effective date: 01st May 2015 Quantum: [...]

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OOCL new Intra Asia Service

    Quote     March 27, 2015 OOCL announces new Intra-Asia Service OOCL is pleased to announce the introduction of a new product, the Central PRC / Southeast Asia Service (CSS), to enhance our product portfolio in the Intra-Asia market. The CSS service will provide direct connections to the Central PRC, Ho Chi Minh, [...]

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Evergreen revise Chassis Usage Charge

    Quote   March 2015   Chassis Usage Charge Rule: 021-C03 CUC/L / Rule: 021-C04 CUC/D USA Trade   Dear valued Customer, as Agent of EVERGREEN LINE we would like to inform you, that the Chassis Usage Charge in the United States of America (for the Import and Export Trade) will be revised as [...]

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Hyundai notice Virgina port terminal congestion

  Quote   Customer Bulletin March 24, 2015 Port of Virginia Terminal Congestion Dear Valued Customer, Carriers, including HMM, are experiencing severe congestion at The Port of Virginia facilities, especially at Virginia International Gateway (VIG). Results of this extraordinary volume of containers, is having an effect on the velocity of containers required to be drayed [...]

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Evergreen withdrawal of St Pete winter surcharge

  Quote     March 2015 Withdrawal of local TERMINAL WINTER SURCHARGE for shipments from/to St. Petersburg   Dear Sir or Madam, please be informed that Evergreen line decided to withdraw Terminal Winter Surcharge (TWS/D+L) for shipments from / to the Port of St. Petersburg as from April 1st / 2015 (on board date).   [...]

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FMC on port congestion at the WC USA

      FMC: Port congestion will continue until maritime infrastructure upgraded Port cargo congestion will continue to be an issue until the nation invests in long-term maritime infrastructure, according to the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission. FMC Chairman Mario Cordero said the issue of congestion was not brought on by any one event, [...]

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