Our OL network partner Allseas Dubai sent us the following message:


Allseas Dubai are pleased to continue to service Iraq and now have a very strong Oil & Gas industry database. Selling points for us are:


–          15 day Guarantee from arrival Iraq port Umm Qasr or Iraq airport Basra to door. This shows we are confident in our ability to process documentation correctly to ensure smooth clearance once goods have arrived, clients must adhere to our strict documentation formalities for the 15 day guarantee to work.

–          We own our own equipment (OT’s / FR’s / GP containers) and therefore have no large freight surcharges or waiting for equipment problems

–          Large forwarders  book with us as we are the ‘in-between’ solution from large forwarders to carriers.

–          We are experienced in Iraq documentation and can assist with templates / correct formats and Iraq attestation problems

–          We offer routings into Iraq which solves documentation issues if cargo is critical in timing and cannot wait for attestation timelines.


Iraq can be a problem area for a lot of clients and if their forwarder does not know the complete process from A to B they can do more damage than good.


Use Allseas Dubai and we will assist you every step of the way and help you win large tenders also.