Chittagong : Cyclone “Roaun” update


Please note that Chittagong port has announced signal no.7 this evening. The port is now closed until further notice and any vessels that are alongside are being shifted out to anchorage.


Below please find : Cyclone “Roanu” update, Chittagong Port update & Current F/vsl line up. FYI due to this situation F/vsl berthing & sailing are uncertain which lead misconnection to LH vsl X-Colombo & Singapore port.


  • Cyclone “Roanu” update


Cyclone Roanu, bearing winds of 35 – 40 knots, BF 8-9, and sea swell of 4 meters has developed over the Bay of Bengal. The Cyclone is currently moving North Eastwards towards the Bangladeshi coast, and it is expected to make landfall by Saturday 21st. The cyclone, as per attached report, could develop into a sever cyclonic depression, and heavy rain. It is expected that all vessels transiting the Bay of Bengal will suffer delays due to deviation, port congestion or port closures. This includes vessels calling Chittagong, Calcutta, Haldia and Yangon ports.


We expect considerable disruption to all vessels calling Chittagong during this time. Vessel operations as well as cargo operations could be affected. Chittagong port has currently announced signal no.4, and should signal no.7 be announced, all vessels must vacate the berth and proceed to anchorage.


Special weather bulletin no 11 of date circulated by Bangladesh Meteorological Department  attached herewith for your ready reference. Below also is a visual of the observed track of Cyclone Roanu along with a forecast track further below.