The one or the other line started the administration fee already a while ago, now CMA is doing the same. Interesting approach, this is as if you would have to pay an admission fee when you want to go to the supermarket to buy goods and leave them with a profit as you walk out of the door. It cannot be the fault of the shippers that the lines do not come to a reasonable freight policy and need to charge people for giving them business:




Dear Customer,


We would like to inform you that CMA CGM (Holland) BV has decided to implement an Administration Fee for all manual bookings (received via e-mail,  telephone, etc.) as per January 1st, 2015.

Administration Fee                        EUR 25,00 per manual booking


In our continuous effort to improve our customer service level  we are offering our customers an extensive range of eCommerce solutions for their booking and documentation processes. e-Solutions that provide our customers with several advantages.

Your advantages for submitting bookings electronically:

–          Create templates to submit your booking with just a few clicks and within a few minutes;

–          Receive your booking confirmation within 2 working hours;

–          Fast & complete booking information;

–          Dedicated EDI desk for high quality service;

With the launch of our own web platform ( at the end of last year we have given our customers an additional solution for submitting bookings and sending shipping instructions electronically opposed to the already available EDI portals.
To learn more about the new CMA CGM eBusiness functionalities click here to open and download our eBusiness brochure or visit our website and register (free of charge) here.