Also CMA announced new Baltic Levant service


Launching of Baltic Levant service :

Service Map :




Baltic Levant will run the first and unique loop in the market offering a direct service from St Petersburg to the Levant area. In addition we will offer a direct weekly product linking 4 North European ports (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Le Havre) with the main ports in this part of the Mediterranean area, namely Alexandria, Beirut, Mersin and Aliaga.

As you will notice when reading the table attached here below, this new service will offer to the market optimal transit times both for imports and exports which will enable us to enhance our presence on that trade.


Other important highlights of this new service are as follows.


Southbound :


For those ports not offered on a direct basis Malta will be the hub through which cargo will be channeled.

Please bear in mind that we will now offer 3 sailings per week through Baltic Med, FAL1 and FEMEX1 linking North Europe with Malta.


Northbound :  


The calls at Tangiers and Valencia on the Westbound route will enable to connect the various services of the company saving in most cases one transshipment against what offered today.

Valencia and Cartagena will constitute 2 ports of discharge to offer from East Med but should also be used to offer loading possibilities on the Northbound route to North European and Baltic destinations.