Hamburg Sued just informed us about their schedule around Christmas:




Schedule adjustments SAEC

Dear valued Customer,

due to upcoming Christmas / new years season Hamburg Süd has decided to set up an idling program.

Following vessels are affected:

CAP SAN AUGUSTIN to be kept idle in Buenos Aires from the 23/12 up to 30/01 and CAP SAN MARCO to be kept idle at Hamburg from 04/01 up to 26/01

MSC KRYSTAL to be kept idle in Navegantes from the 5/01 up to 3/02 and
MSC ORIANE to be kept idle at Antwerp from 6/01 up to 28/01

For SAEC 3 we will have schedule adjustments to get around the none working periods in Europe.


Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.