New SOLAS regulation – Verified gross Mass (VGM)


Dear Valued Customers,


Hamburg Süd Group constantly strives to provide a high degree of transparency towards its customers. Therefore we would like to inform you that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will soon enforce the new SOLAS weight regulations approved by the Maritime Safety Committee in 2014.



This new regulation will raise the standards of safety and reliability in the shipping industry even more.
The regulation will come into effect on 1 July 2016.


From this day onwards, the shipper will be responsible for verifying and providing the verified gross mass of fully laden containers in advance of the stow planning to the shipping line. Under the new global law, Hamburg Süd as carrier is prohibited to load a packed container without the VGM on board any vessel that is bound to the SOLAS convention.


Please rest assured that Hamburg Süd Group is working diligently on operational readiness (including exchanging information with other industry segments along the transport chain). We will ensure continuation of the high level of service quality you have become accustomed to.


In order to offer you a better overview, we have published a list of FAQs (including hyperlinks to all important documents) on our website:
We will continue to keep you updated on new developments.
Please contact your local Hamburg Süd office for more information regarding the new global regulation.