Hamburg March 9th, 2016

Dear Customer,



Termination of NE8-Service on North Europe – Asia Trade



Please note our NE8-service on the North Europe-Asia trade will be terminated.


The last voyage will be EVER LINKING 0012W calling Taipei (Taiwan) on ETD 21st March 2016 on the Westbound leg and EVER LINKING 0012E calling Felixstowe (Great Britain) on ETD 21st April 2016 on Eastbound leg.


We operate various service lines to your destined port, please contact your local Hanjin office for easier and better route information. We sincerely thank you for your constant support on NE8 service and hope you continue to enjoy other Hanjin Shipping services.
Please do not hesitate to contact your local Hanjin sales office in case of any further questions.
Kind regards,
Hanjin Shipping