It is not the first time that carriers attempt to get on top of the workload and related costs that are created by amendments and cancellations in their booking system. As usual, the medal got two sides. Customers are coming up with “dummy bookings” because most of the carriers are not geared to administer ships that tend to be overbooked. It is still the “first come first serve” method that prevails, but not all of the cargo can be booked firmly 6 weeks prior to ship’s  sailings. That is why customers are coming up with “dummy bookings” that reserve the space, but may not come through finally when no business materializes in time to cover the dummies…. So, either a change of the “dummy” details to the real details will be necessary or a cancellation, when no business can be found in time.

Here now the Hyundai attempt to cover this problem:





Hamburg, March 31st, 2015

1. Implementation of Booking Amendment & Cancellation Fee (NCP + TAS)

Dear Valued Customers
Kindly be herewith informed that with the effective date of May 1st, 2015 (subj. to date of shipment) HMM will implement Booking Amendment & Cancellation Fee.
Reasons are the frequently high numbers of cancellations and last minute amendments of existing bookings, resulting in immense administrative workload and additional efforts.



HMM Branch Offices in Germany reserve the right to charge up to above mentioned amounts.
Should you have any questions please contact our local Sales or Customer Service Representatives.
Best regards,
Hyundai Merchant Marine (Germany) GmbH