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NYK next rate increase Far- East to Europe

Here the latest news that we got from NYK:

Please be advised that NYK will implement 2014 Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) program for Westbound with effect from 1st August 2014.

Effective date: 1st August 2014

Quantum: Westbound US$ 570 per TEU

Routes involved:
Asia (Including Japan)/ Indian Sub-continent to North Europe/ Mediterranean/ East Mediterranean / Adriatic/ Black Sea

Hapag informing about trucking problems in the USA

Hapag was the first to put the issues with the truckings in the USA on the table for the customers.

Pls see here:

Due to reasons beyond the control of Hapag-Lloyd, the domestic and international trucking industries are facing challenges which have a dramatic effect on truck power in the United States.
Demand for drayage services currently exceeds capacity as a result of many factors including but not limited to:
 Governmental regulations
 Infrastructure and congestion
 Fewer entrants into the job market
 Increasing cost of operations
 High service demand
We wish to inform you that carrier haulage deliveries may be effected by the lack of available truck power.
As such, please expect potential delivery delays. All associated costs which result from any delays, such as: Storage, Demurrage, Waiting Costs, Dry Run Fees, etc., are for the account of the cargo.

Strange, that customers should have to pay for problems in the oncarriage with carriers haulage?

Hanjin comes up with truck additional for Hamburg shipments

Hanjin informed us today that they will apply a truck additional for truck movements in carriers haulage via the port of Hamburg.

The surcharges will be valid as of July 1st, 2014 for all trades in- and outbound


The amount for truck transports delivering or pick-up full Container to/from
Hamburg port will be


€ 25 per Container

for Short distance transports from/to & within Hamburg,Bremen,Bremerhaven city limits :




€ 50/Container

for Long distance transports outside Hamburg,Bremen,Bremerhaven city limits :

We take it that other carriers will join in sooner or later.


Will the GRI come on the Transatlantic WB??

The news are coming in constantly, numbers are mentioned, everybody seems to be decided to increase the rates and…


… we cannot get rid of the feeling that this is the loud whistling in the dark basement to ensure yourself that your are not afraid.

Carriers are whistling extremly loud, making everybody understand that there will be a GRI, but nobody stands up, presents amendments and asks for signatures bottom right!!

Everybody abstains from exposing themselves, the fear to end up being the only party that increases the numbers seems to be to big!

It is 7 days to D-day and nobody goes ahead?

How sure are the lines that they really will increase the rates?


Another rate reduction instead of GRI!!

Much to our surprise, another rate reduction was offered by the big line today, that instead of a GRI for July 1st on the Transatlantic westbound!

It is getting more and more interesting!

Transatlantic WB GRI next step!

Much to our surpise we were just offered the new rates of one of the big carriers, rates that had been increased some weeks ago and ….

… in this new offer, some of the rates are lower (!) than before.

Whilst most lines are still discussing by how much they want to increase,

whilst some of them extend certain rates and try to increase others,

there is a line out there that is reducing rates!

We cannot say that we understand that move.



Transatlantic GRI July 1st, (again)

It is standard in shipping  that the lines hesitate to the last second in executing (or not) their GRI.

The Transatlantic GRI westbound announced for July 1st is not any better.

Everybody waits for the others to go first and nobody does it yet, all keep on telling us that the ships are more than full and something has to happen, at the same time some lines are interested in additional cargo…

Allegedly, some customers are just laughing when the GRI is mentioned, while others are said to have offered some numbers already.

All it will take now is one of the big lines to call if off and there will be a good chance that the rest will follow.

Exciting “game” again.

We do not believe that major decisions will be taken this week, the dies will fall next week.



P3 rumors continue!!

There is a whisper going along the coast that the P3 will be established on the Transatlantic!

The permissions were given by the Europan and American authorities and rumors say that the carriers want to excute that, which makes a lot of sense!



OOCL revives Hamburg Port Congestion surcharge for Truckings

OOCL is going along their policy of short term notices for changes and increases of rates.

We were informed this morning that they will re- install the trucking congestion surcharge for the port of Hamburg, which in principle is understandable in view to the total chaos that Hamburg officials have created in and around Hamburg.

In April the surcharge was started across the trucking community in Hamburg already, but was then suspended due to anti trust problems.

Now it seems to come back and OOCL announces as follows:

The surcharge amount is set at EUR 30 per transport delivered within Hamburg, Bremen or Bremerhaven city limits and EUR 50 per transport delivered outside of Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven city limits.

Kindly take note and adjust your calculations accordingly.

Hanjin announces China advance manifest charges

Hanjin is informing the shipping community about the charges for the advance manifest and also the charges for manifest corrections.


Pls find here below the details:

The China Advance Manifest Charge at Hanjin will be USD 30, except for Hongkong, which will be at USD 0.

Manifest Correction charge will be USD 40, again for Hongkong there will be no charge.

These charges will become valid on June 28th.