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NYK new Manila surcharge increase.



In view of the ongoing heavy congestion faced in Manila port, operating vessels are still facing serious delays. In order to cover the additional cost of maintaining a regular
service, NYK would like to increase the existing Destination Cost Recovery Surcharge

from existing USD 100 per teu to USD 200 per teu for cargoes destined for Manila Port.

This surcharge will apply for as long as the current operational conditions continue.


Effective Date : 7th September 2014


Quantum : USD200/ teu


Shipment : All import cargoes at Manila port
Collect : Collect at destination for imports



Hyundai increases surcharges!

This is what we got from Hyundai just now:




Kindly be herewith informed that HMM decided to adjust the Documentation Fee, B/L Correction Fee,
and Surrender Fee in order to maintain a higher level of service quality in your supply chain.
Due to ongoing congested port situations affecting normal operations in Rotterdam and Hamburg,
HMM also hereby announces the implementation of Congestion Surcharge for all containers being routed
by Carrier’s Haulage via relevant Ports.

1.) DOC, BCF, SCF fee for EXPORT cargoes from Germany and Austria for all Trades

All conditions under 1.) are subject to time of shipment and liable to be changed by HMM until further notice.



2.) Congestion Surcharge for traffic via Hamburg and Rotterdam

All surcharges under 2.) will be valid from the effective dates until further notice by HMM.



Ham Sued North Euro/UK to Middle East and India GRI


Hamburg Sued circulates today as follows:



As a result of the continuous unacceptable rate level prevailing on the Europe – ISC trade and in order to be able to offer our customers a continuous reliable service,
Hamburg Süd wishes to announce a rate restoration effective 1st of October 2014.

All rate agreements will be increased by following amounts:

US$ 150 per 20ft
US$ 250 per 40ft



NYK Euro – Asia GRI, Oct. 1st.

This time, for a change, a GRI annoucement for Euro to Asia, see here:



Please be advised that NYK will implement 2014 Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) program for Eastbound with effect from 1st October 2014.


Effective date: 1st October 2014




US$150 per 20’                  US$300 per 40’


Routes involved:


All routes, North Europe / Mediterranean / East Med/ Black Sea/ Adriatic

to Asia(including Japan) / Indian Sub-continent / Middle East / Gulf



CSAV GRI Transatlantic wb Oct 1st.

This is the CSAV version of the increase story on the Transatlantic.




CSAV has decided to implement a rate restoration, effectiveas of October 1, 2014 (B/L date) for all cargoes loading from Europe to USA and Mexico.

The applicable amounts are:

for cargo to final destination USA:$250/20’$350/40’(on NNX2, NNX3, ACXS)

for cargo to final destination Mexico:$125/20’$175/40’(on NNX2)

for all equipment types.



Hyundai GRI Transatlantic wb, Oct. 1st


Please read here the details:



In order to maintain a high level of service stability in our part of your supply chain operation, effective 1st October 2014 we announce a General Rate Increase (GRI) for all cargoes and container types as follows:-

– Scope: From North Europe to USA Canada, Mexico, Central America and USA East & Gulf Coasts

– Amount: $300/TEU, $400/FEU

– Effective Date: October 1st, 2014

– Scope: From North Europe to USA West Coast


– Amount: $450/TEU, $600/FEU


– Effective Date: October 1st, 2014



K- Line GRI notice Transatlantic wb, Oct. 1st.

This is the K- Line notice:




Trade               Europe to North America

Subject            General Rate Increase (GRI) Notification

Effective          1st October, 2014



Dear Valued “K” Line Customer,



In order to maintain sustainable and acceptable service levels, “K” Line has taken the decision to announce the following GRI for dry and refrigerated cargoes with effect from 1st October, 2014

covering the westbound trade from North Europe to North America:


  • US$ 250 per 20ft Dry Van
  • US$ 350 per 40ft Dry Van/Reefer
  • US$ 350 per 40ft High Cube/Reefer




US West Coast negotiations clear one obstacle


We read:



Operators of 29 West Coast ports and negotiators for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union said Tuesday evening that had reached tentative agreement on the health benefits portion of a new contract.

Talks will continue on other issues, both sides said.

The health benefits issue was an important one for both sides. Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, one side or the other would have to pay a tax estimated at $150 million in order to be covered by a so-called “Cadillac” health insurance plan.

The contract covers about 20,000 longshore workers at 29 West Coast ports, including the ports of Portland and Vancouver. The old contract expired July 1, but port operations have continued without disruption.



NYK GRI Transatlantic WB, Oct. 2014

Here comes the NYK version of the same subject:



NYK Line would like to announce the following General Rate Increase (GRI) on our Trans-Atlantic trade routes. The GRI will apply to all cargo under NYK independent tariffs and service contracts on westbound services between Northern European ports and USA/Canada.


This GRI will be applicable on all container types.

Effective 1st October 2014


Westbound: Northern Euro20ft (USDpean ports to USA and Canada

To All coasts (USA and Canada)


20′       USD 240

40′       USD 300



MSC Euro- Mexico GRI Oct. 1st, 2014

Another one, we can’t even follow them as they come in: 🙂



For and on behalf of our principal MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., Geneva, we like to inform you about the implementation of a General Rate Increase (GRI) in the trade from North West Continent, UK/Ireland, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean & Black Sea to Mexico.

Effective date will be: 1st October 2014

North West Continent – UK/Ireland – Baltic Sea
The applicable quantum will be:


USD 100,00 per 20’ and USD 150,00 per 40


Mediterranean & Black Sea
The applicable quantum will be:


USD 150,00 per 20’ and USD 250,00 per 40’