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CMA FUJI service: Oakland omissions



The problems at the USA West Coast do not go away, here the next consequence:





Customer Advisory #10 – 2015
FUJI service: Oakland omissions

Effective February, 2015

Dear Valued Customer,
CMA CGM has always been committed to offering you regular, weekly fixed day departures, but due to an unexpected technical incident we are having challenges with Partner’s vessels in our FUJI service.
FUJI will omit OAKLAND call from Hyundai Integral FJ319E/FJ320W to MOL Explorer FJ327E/FJ328W.
Details are as follows,

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult period. We are currently looking for all possible solutions in which to evacuate cargo in the quickest possible manner.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM sales representative.




USA West Coast negotiations moving forward


Here the short news:



ILWU, PMA reach tentative agreement on chassis maintenance and repair

Negotiators for the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union reached a tentative agreement on the chassis maintenance and repair issue that has been the major roadblock to reaching a new waterfront contract at West Coast ports.

Hamburg Sued Chilean Customs Regulations – New Documentation Requirements





As mentioned before, shipping gets more and more complicated:


Santiago de Chile, January 22nd, 2015
Dear Valued Customer:
We would like to inform you about Chilean Customs requirements for import cargo on vessels going to or in transit through Chile.
The following information must be filed on a Bill of Lading level:



1. Consignee / Notify party (Resolution N° 327)
 Full name of the parties
 Complete address
 Email address
 TAX ID number in case of Chilean consignee or notify party
 Phone number
2. Marks and numbers – Complete marks information of every package (Resolution N° 376)
3. Transit cargo – Clause in description of goods “Cargo in transit to xxx” mandatory
(Resolution N° 7591, letter 001)



Please pay attention to this mandatory Bill of Lading information, since non-compliance with above customs regulations may be exposed to fines and / or penalties such as rejection of the cargo at the time of manifest.
Therefore we kindly ask you to take necessary measures in order to include required information in your Shipping Instructions as from February 16th, 2015 (vessel sailing date) onwards.
In case of further questions please contact your local Hamburg Süd/ Alianca office.
Best regards,
Hamburg Süd Chile
RCW-Region Caribbean & South America West Coast





Evergreen Withdrawal of Lagos Apapa (NGLAS) on WAF – service


Here the details:



Dear valued customer,

please be informed about the suspension of Lagos Apapa (NGLAS) call as from mid of February 2015. You’re kindly requested to check if all Apapa cargoes can be shifted to Lagos Tin Can Island (NGTIN) terminal.


Last voyage to Lagos Apapa (NGLAS) on WAF – service:
„HANJIN GOLD“ voy. 0009E
closing Hamburg 13.02.2015
ets Hamburg 18.02.2015
closing Hamburg 17.02.2015
ets Rotterdam 22.02.2015
via T/S Algeciras ”HANJIN SANTOS” voy.0040W
ets Algeciras 01.03.2015
eta Lagos Apapa 12.03.2015

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of further questions.




MOL stops working with some inland depots



Here the news from MOL:






MOL House BL Information for Japan AFR


Here the latest news on Japan AFR circulated by MOL:



Subject: House B/L informationsubmission for Japan AFR (Advance Filing Rule on Maritime Container Cargo Information)

Dear Valued Customer,

Please refer to Japan customs’informationonbelow website (Question item 45) advising “The cargo information of a cargo which is transshipped in Japan and brought to a foreign country is needed to be filed”. Japan customs reminded shipping lines recently that “The cargo information”signified both of B/L types (MasterB/L and House B/L), House B/L information submission is needed tobe filed in case House B/L was involved on Transshipment servicevia Japan port.

Therefor please note below information is needed to be submitted to Japan customs no later than 24 hours before the vessel’s departure time at origin port.

l Master B/L information of Japan import container cargo

l House B/L information of Japan import container cargo

l Master B/L information of transshipment container cargo via Japan port

l House B/L information of transshipment container cargo via Japan port


Japan customs Q & A list:


Japan customs website for Advance filing rule on Maritime Container Cargo Information

Yours faithfully,




Evergreen Update Ghana ASHI


In principle shipping is very easy: Put your cargo on a ship, move it to destination and finish. More and more countries do everything to make it as complicated as possible. Here the Evergreen notice about Ghana ASHI system:





Implementation of ASHI number (Advance Shipment Information) for POD TEMA (GHYKE)


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
please be informed about ASHI number which has to be mentioned for all shipments, bookings and Bs/L to POD Tema (GHYKE) as from 1st March 2015 (B/L – date).
Below please find official letter of Ghana Shipper’s Authority for further information.
Evergreen Shipping Agency (Deutschland) GmbH
Evergreen Shipping Agency (Deutschland) GmbH
Hamburg –





Dear Sir,



Pursuant to our earlier letter to you on the above mentioned subject, we write to kindly

inform you that the Chana Shippers Authority (SHIPPERS) is continuing with its engagement

of shippers across the length and breadth of the country for a smooth implementation of

the Advance Shipment lnformation (ASHI) system.

Sensitisation of the major stakeholders has already taken place and technical preparations

as well as the procurement of requisite equipment are far advanced for a successful take-off

of the project. lt is, however, necessary to complete fully the sensitisation process for a

smooth roll out of the system. Consequently, the earlier proposed date of January t, zot5for

the implementation of the ASHI has been rescheduled to March 1,2015,.

As part of our further sensitization and engagement of various stakeholders towards the

successful roll-out of the ASHI, we would be grateful if your Association could meet the

Authority for an update of the steps taken so far and the measures put in place to

implement the ASHI system. We would therefore be grateful if you could confirm the ‘ suitability of Thursday, zgth January, zot5 for the said meeting at the Authority’s Branch

Office in Tema at 3:oo pm.

We wish to continue to rely on your support for a successful implementation of this project

designed to reduce the cost of clearing cargo at the ports and to improve upon the

competitiveness of our shippers.

We count on ur usual cooperation.



Hamburg Sued AX1 Schedule Recovery Program Jan 2015


Seems that the G6 partners try to get rid of their headaches on the scheduling side. We are curious to see, who long that will last, without a solution at the West Coast USA:



Hamburg, 22nd January 2015


Dear valued customer,
Due to persistent schedule disruption on AX1 based on congestion at some ports called and weather constraints, G6 partners have decided to phase in a new 5th vessel and let all delayed vessels slide into next proforma window to get the system back to a more reliable service frequency and return to sailings as per planned schedule.
The service will run with 5 vessels and the following tentative schedule pattern is planned:


Further information can be obtained from your local Hamburg Süd Offices.





Hamburg Sued booking stop for Oakland


It is clear that the carriers want to avoid the problems at the West Coast, Hamburg Sued reacts as per below:




PACE via WAMS – Booking Stop for OAK

Hamburg, 20th January 2015
Dear valued customer,
With port congestion in Southern California caused by labour actions continuing to impact the schedule reliability of our services to US West Coast, it has been decided to stop bookings to OAK on WAMS with immediate effect until further notice.
For further updates regarding delays please check our schedules and regular Port and Terminal updates send out.

Further information can be obtained from your local Hamburg Süd and Aliança Offices.


Contact details can be found:



Evergreen Revision of ISPS Loading Europe



January 2015

Revision of ISPS LOADING at all Europe Ports
as from on board date 15th of February 2015

Dear valued customer,
on behalf of EVERGREEN LINE we would like to introduce the revise of ISPS LOADING charge at following ports of loading only:



New ISPS LOADING charge is applicable on below mentioned trades:

Europe – Far East, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Australia
Europe – MED / Black Sea
Europe – West Africa
Europe – East Africa
Intra Europe
Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of further questions.