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NYK: GRI Asia to Europe Dec. 1st, 2015







Notification of Increase in Asia – Europe rates as part of NYK Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) Plan

30th October 201 5

Dear Valued Customer,


NYK would like to announce the implementation of the next stage of its 2015 Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) program for Westbound with effect from 1 st December 2015.


The SRR will be applicable to all Westbound routes between Asia (Including Japan) / Indian Sub-continent / Middle East / Gulf to North Europe / Mediterranean / East Mediterranean / Adriatic / Black Sea.


Please contact your local NYK sales representative for further information.
Thank you for your support.
Yours Sincerely,
NYK Line (Benelux) B.V.




MOL: Wintersurcharge St Petersburg





30 October, 2015

Subject: Winter Surcharge (WNT) for St Petersburg and Ust Luga

Please find below the MOL notification for your review.

Winter Surcharge (WNT) for St Petersburg and Ust Luga


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website
Yours faithfully,

MOL Management




Maersk: Imo acceptance in Malaysia






Dear Valued Customer,
Authorities in Malaysia have decided to reinforce a law with respect to the acceptance of transshipment of IMO cargo in Malaysian ports. As a consequence the acceptance of IMO classes 1 and 7 for transshipment in Malaysian ports will stop with immediate effect.

Secondly all dangerours cargo destined to Malaysia or calling Malaysian ports in transit – even if not leaving the vessel – need to be accompanied by following documents (in English language):

  • IMO class 1 requires a MSDS (material data security sheet) and an EUS (end user statement) if touching Malaysian ports.
  • All other IMO classes require a MSDS if the vessel is touching Malaysian ports, this includes transit and transshipment.

The MSDS and EUS documents needs to be sent to Maersk Line before we get an approval for IMO cargo. Please note that shipment can not be realized without mentioned documents.

For any questions, please do not hesitate and contact your local Maersk Line customer service representative.

With best regards

Maersk Deutschland A/S & Co. KG
As agent of the carrier Maersk Line A/S
Am Sandtorkai 37
20457 Hamburg




OOCL operational update North America










North America Operations Update



Week of October 26, 2015


Dear valued OOCL Customer,



Winter Sailing Program


G6 Alliance announces Asia-North America Winter Program

Members of the G6 Alliance announced the Winter Program for Asia – North America services in response to traditional seasonal changes in market demand. The following are the temporary service suspensions:


Asia – North America East Coast Service
The G6 Alliance will combine the NYE and SCE services into a single service with the following port rotation:


Xiamen – Kaohsiung –  Hong Kong – Yantian – Shanghai (Yangshan) – Pusan – Panama Canal –  Manzanillo – Kingston – Savannah – Charleston – New York – Norfolk – Jacksonville – Kingston – Manzanillo – Panama Canal – Balboa – Pusan – Xiamen


The first sailing of the combined service will start with the Week 44 sailing (ETA Xiamen October 29, 2015).


The last sailings of the temporarily suspended NYE and SCE services are as follows:

  • NYE:
  • Week 44 Eastbound (Sailed)
  • Week 48 Westbound (ETA Savannah November 23, 2015)
  • SCE
  • Week 43 E/B (Sailed)
  • Week 48 W/B (ETA Savannah November 22, 2015)


Asia – North America West Coast Service
The G6 Alliance will temporarily suspend the Central China 2 (CC2) service between Asia and the North America West Coast during the winter period starting from Week 44.


  • The last sailing for CC2 will be on:
  • Week 43 E/B (Sailed)
  • Week 45 W/B (ETA Long Beach November 5, 2015).


The Busan Eastbound call will be added to the CC4 during the CC2 suspension resulting in the following rotation:


Shanghai (WaiGaoQiao) – Ningbo – Busan – Los Angeles – Oakland – Shanghai (WaiGaoQiao)


Note:  Central China 1 (CC1) is the primary route for Busan Cargo.



Other Vessel and Terminal Information


Terminal First Receiving Date

Information for export cargo container receiving windows as reported by North America terminals continues to be updated daily on


Vessel Schedule

Attached is our current vessel schedule for reference purposes.  For the most up to date scheduling information please do refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on




North America Rail Operations


BNSF – While much of the BNSF’s North and Central Regions continue to experience favorable weather, heavy rain occurred across parts of the southern Plains and along the Gulf Coast this past weekend.  BNSF crews have been ready to respond to any track washouts and they will implement procedures, such as re-routing traffic, to alleviate any service issues as much as possible.



Truck Power


Truck Power to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups continues to be a  concern along the entire US West Coast, specifically in Oakland and the SEA/TAC-Portland corridor.

  • There is a shortage of trucking companies willing to dray hazardous containers.
  • There are no truck power issues in Canada or Mexico.
  • Please see our Truck Power Map on for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.



Pacific Southwest


  • TraPac is experiencing congestion.  Terminal Mgt recommends drivers to pick up import containers on Saturday and Sunday when congestion is significantly less.
  • Truck power has been sufficient to support local operations.
  • Chassis supply has improved slightly last week.





  • OICT was extremely congested last week with long lines of trucks outside the terminal gates.  Gate turn times averaged 62 minutes.  OICT is sponsoring a night gate this week Tuesday/Wednesday October . 27-28, from 6pm to 3am for empty returns only.  This is a terminal initiative and no gate fees will be charged to carriers or truckers for this service.  We highly encourage our customers and truckers to participate.
  • Trapac operations were extremely congested last week.  Gate turn times averaged 53 minutes.
    The terminal is holding a 3-day vessel receiving window for exports.  Trapac was very short of pool chassis (all sizes) every day last week.  Also, Trapac had gate delays again this morning due to labor filling late and the labor that has arrived is inexperienced and unfamiliar with the terminal’s system.  We anticipate long lines and delays for truckers if this continues.
  • Oakland is extremely short of chassis and truck power; new dispatches are not being accepted for 10 days out.  Truck power situation is primarily caused by slow import deliveries, early afternoon restrictions on dual transactions at OICT, and driver waiting time for a bare chassis to become available.



Tacoma & Seattle


  • Tacoma WUT was moderately congested. Gate turn times averaged 31 minutes.  The terminal posts an announcement on their web site which vessel(s) they will receive export cargo on the following day.
  • Seattle T-18 was moderately congested.  Gate turn times averaged 25 minutes.
  • SEA-TCM is tight on truck power.





  • This week the CN evacuated an average of 3 eastbound import intermodal trains each day from DeltaPort Terminal.  Deltaport and Centerm Terminals are fluid.



CN Montreal


  • CAST Terminal is very fluid.
  • Due to crane construction at Termont Terminal, OOCL services will not resume calling this port until later in the fall.



CN Halifax


  • The terminal remains very fluid and no intermodal containers dwelling for more than 2 days.



New York Terminals


  • Gate turn times:
  • GCT Bayonne – 101 minutes
  • GCT New York – 21 minutes
  • Maher – 48 minutes
  • Door delivery truck power lead time remains 0-2 days in the NYC metro area.
  • Chassis availability continues to be low in the area but many truckers are holding on to the ones they have in order to be able to make deliveries.
  • GCT Bayonne will be closing their chassis yard on 10/31/15. Columbia Depot will be operating a chassis yard about 1 mile from Global on Pulaski Street.



Norfolk International Terminal


  • The Port of Virginia has opened a new, off-terminal, container lot located in the city of Chesapeake. The drop lot is open to the trucking community and will function as a traditional drop lot – no interchange receipts issued; no maintenance work performed. This lot can be used by motor carriers as an interim location, parking containers on chassis prior to delivery. The new drop lot empowers drivers to exercise greater creativity and flexibility in planning their daily work.
  1. Address: 3104 Bromay Street, Chesapeake, 23321.
  2. Hours:
  3. Mon. – Thurs. from 0500 – 2359
  4. Fri. from 0500 – 1900
  5. Sat. from 0700 – 1700
  • Gate turn time at NIT was 40 minutes.
  • Truck power lead time was 0-2 days in Norfolk.



USA Midwest & South Central


  • Truck power remains adequate throughout the Midwest and Gulf.
  • Chassis are very tight in Chicago, Columbus and Indianapolis.
  • HOU’s Barbour’s Cut Terminal was moderately congested with gate turn times averaging 37 minutes.



South Atlantic                         

  • Traffic between Charleston and Greer, SC is still delayed by 12 hours, resulting in at least one day additional for availability due to train arrives in late PM and working the next morning.  Normal service will not resume until a bridge is replaced north of Columbia, SC which is on a major portion of the NS mainline. Latest projected date is now pushed back 5 days to November 13th.
  • Truck power for this region remains readily available.





  • Services at marine terminals in both Veracruz and Altamira were normal last week.
  • Depot, trucking, and rail services were all normal.



Yours Sincerely,

OOCL North America






MOL: New customs regulations for import haz cargo to Saudi






29 October, 2015

Subject: New customs regulations for import of IMDG cargo into Saudi Arabia

Dear Mr. Bruegge,

Please find below the MOL notification for your review.

New customs regulations for import of IMDG cargo into Saudi Arabia
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website
Yours faithfully,

MOL Management



CMA: MSDS requirement for all Hazardous/Dangerous Goods Containers in Ningbo






Dear Valued Customer,

Effective October 29th, 2015

The Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration has announced that as of October 29, 2015, all Dangerous Goods (DG) containers entering or departing Ningbo must have an accompanying Material Safety Data
Sheet (MSDS). This includes Transshipment and Transit containers. Please provide all MSDS at the time of the DG booking. For DG containers already enroute to Ningbo, Port of Loading agents will contact shippers to collect MSDS .


Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM sales representative. For current schedule activity, please visit our Web site at
Best regards,
CMA CGM (America) LLC







Manzanillo port situation after Hurricane




Kindly note Manzanillo Port is back to normal although some offices do not have phone numbers working.



Maersk Douala Congestion Surcharge







Douala (Cameroon) – Congestion Surcharge


We are pleased to inform you that effective 15 October 2015 congestion surcharge will no longer apply to imports to Douala (Cameroon). This applies to imports from all origins in the world and to all containers sizes and types.

To know more about how this affects you, please reach out to your contact in sales or customer service. You will find contact details of Maersk Line local offices on our website




Maersk introduces Pangaon Inland Container Terminal







Maersk Bangladesh introduces Pangaon Inland Container Terminal (BDSAA)



In compliance with the Chittagong Port Authority’s (CPA) regulation, we will collect the Chittagong Port Storage Charge for Pangaon ICT bound import containers. Please find relevant details below:




  • Charge Type: Storage Charge at Chittagong Port
  • Scope: Import to Pangaon Inland Container Terminal
  • Effective from: October 15; 2015 [discharge date at Chittagong]
  • CPA Tariff (inclusive 15% VAT):




Container Size 1 – 4 Days 5 – 11 Days 12 – 24 Days Thereafter
20’ Freetime $ 6.90 $ 13.80 $ 27.60
40’ Freetime $ 13.80 $ 27.60 $ 55.20
40’HC Freetime $ 13.80 $ 27.60 $ 55.20
45’HC Freetime $ 20.70 $ 41.40 $ 82.80

For any further information please check with our sales or customer service agent in Maersk Bangladesh local office.




OOCL Transatlantic service AX 1 adding Savannah call







October 26, 2015

Trans-Atlantic Trade – Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) Adding port call to Savannah



Dear Valued Customer:

We are pleased to announce the service upgrade in the Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) service by adding a port call to Savannah starting November 2015.   This call will supplement our existing port coverage of Savannah through our Pacific Atlantic 1 (PA1) service.

The new port rotation of AX1 will be :
Le Havre – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Southampton – New York – Norfolk – Charleston – Savannah – Le Havre.

First vessel adding Savannah call will be:
Kuala Lumpur Express 053W48, ETD Le Havre on November 27.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact our local customer service representatives.

Thank you for your continued support of OOCL.