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OOCL: Operational Update North America







North America Operations Update

Week of December 21, 2015


Dear valued OOCL Customer,


Due to the upcoming holidays, the next Operations Update will be sent on Tuesday, January 12th.


Winter Sailing Program


G6 Alliance announces Asia-North America Winter Program

Members of the G6 Alliance announced the Winter Program for Asia – North America services in response to traditional seasonal changes in market demand. The following are the temporary changes:


Asia – North America East Coast Service
The G6 Alliance has combined the NYE and SCE services into a single service with the following port rotation:


Xiamen – Kaohsiung –  Hong Kong – Yantian – Shanghai (Yangshan) – Pusan – Panama Canal –  Manzanillo – Kingston – Savannah – Charleston – New York – Norfolk – Jacksonville – Kingston – Manzanillo – Panama Canal – Balboa – Pusan – Xiamen


The last sailings of the temporarily suspended NYE and SCE services have all sailed.


Asia – North America West Coast Service
The G6 Alliance has temporarily suspended the Central China 2 (CC2) service between Asia and the North America West Coast during the winter period from Week 44.


The Busan Eastbound call will be added to the CC4 during the CC2 suspension resulting in the following rotation:


Shanghai (WaiGaoQiao) – Ningbo – Busan – Los Angeles – Oakland – Shanghai (WaiGaoQiao)


Note:  Central China 1 (CC1) is the primary route for Busan Cargo.


Trans-Atlantic Trade – Winter Program


In response to the expected low demand during the upcoming Christmas and New Year period, we would like to inform you of the withdrawal of the following Trans-Atlantic sailings:


Gateway Express 2 (GEX2) service

  • Westbound:  No sailing from Southampton on December 28, 2015
  • Eastbound:  No sailing from Montreal on December 31, 2015


Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) service

  • Westbound:  No sailing from Le Havre on January 1, 2016
  • Eastbound:  No sailing from New York on January 18, 2016


Atlantic Express 2 (AX2) service

  • Westbound:  No sailing from Southampton on January 2, 2016
  • Eastbound:  No sailing from Veracruz on January 23, 2016



Other Vessel and Terminal Information


Terminal and Rail Gate Schedules for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s



Terminal Gate

Rail Gate



Terminal Gate

Rail Gate


Terminal First Receiving Date

Information for export cargo container receiving windows as reported by North America terminals continues to be updated daily on


Vessel Schedule

For the most up to date scheduling information please do refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on




North America Rail Operations


BNSF – Weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest remain challenging as frequent storms continue to impact portions of Washington and Oregon. Heavy rain triggered a rockslide last this week on the BNSF’s Fallbridge Subdivision in Southern Washington causing brief delays for several trains. More rain, with heavy snow in the higher elevations, is expected into this week for much of the Northwest. BNSF maintenance crews will continue to conduct additional track inspections and make all necessary repairs as quickly as possible.



Truck Power


Truck Power to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups continues to be a concern along the entire US West Coast, specifically in Oakland and the SEA/TAC-Portland corridor.

  • There is a shortage of trucking companies willing to dray hazardous containers.
  • There are no truck power issues in Canada or Mexico.
  • Please see our Truck Power Map on for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.



Pacific Southwest


  • No significant congestion reported last week at the marine terminals.





  • OICT was extremely congested last week with long lines of trucks outside the terminal gates.  Gate turn times inside the gates averaged 70 minutes.  Chronic yard congestion is compounded by chassis shortages.  Dual transactions were shut off early between 2:30 and 2:45pm daily. Evergreen service at the Ben Nutter Oakland Terminal will shift to OICT for a few weeks. OICT has been requested to offer expanded extra gate operations during this period.
  • Trapac operations were congested last week.  Gate turn times averaged 32 minutes.  The terminal is holding a 3-day vessel receiving window for exports.  Trapac was low on pool chassis (all sizes) every day last week.
  • Oakland is extremely short of chassis and truck power; new dispatches are not being accepted less than 1 week out.  Truck power situation is primarily caused by slow import deliveries, early afternoon restrictions on dual transactions at OICT, and driver waiting time for a bare chassis to become available.



Tacoma & Seattle


  • Tacoma WUT was very congested. Gate turn times averaged 37 minutes.  The terminal posts an announcement on their web site regarding for which vessel(s) they will receive export cargo the following day.
  • Seattle T-18 was very congested.  Gate turn times averaged 35 minutes.
  • SEA-TCM is tight on truck power.
  • SEA, PDX and TCM are severely deficit on 40HQ.





  • This week the CN evacuated an average of 3 eastbound import intermodal trains each day from Deltaport Terminal.
  • Rail operations at Deltaport are fluid, ground count is quite high due to vessel bunching. Even with steps being taken to divert some intermodal freight to Vanterm dwell times are expected to rise early this week, but CN is working towards a zero ground count before Christmas.



CN Montreal


  • CAST and Termont Terminals are very fluid and there are only three intermodal imports dwelling more than five days at CAST and Termont.



CN Halifax


  • The terminals remain very fluid and no intermodal containers dwelling more than 3 days at Ceres Terminal.



New York Terminals


  • Gate turn times:
  • GCT Bayonne – 89 minutes
  • GCT New York – 24 minutes
  • Maher – 44 minutes
  • Door delivery truck power lead time remains 0-2 days in the NYC metro area.



Norfolk International Terminal


  • Gate turn time at NIT was 40 minutes.
  • Truck power lead time was 0-2 days in Norfolk.



USA Midwest & South Central


  • Truck power remains adequate throughout the Midwest and Gulf.  Door deliveries in Houston are being delayed by Barbour’s Cut terminal congestion.
  • Chassis are very tight in Columbus and Chicago.
  • Houston ’s Barbour’s Cut Terminal
  • Gate turn times averaged 48 minutes.



South Atlantic                         

  • Truck power for this region remains readily available and equipment supply is adequate for all locations.





  • Services at marine terminals in both Veracruz and Altamira were normal last week.
  • Depot, trucking, and rail services were all normal.



Yours Sincerely,

OOCL North America




Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!


Dear Friends and Partners

we at OL thank you very much for your friendship, business relation and support in the year 2015!



We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



All the best and a lot of health in a prosperous year 2016!




We are looking forward to doing business with you in 2016!





Maersk: Change to X- Ray control in Bremerhaven







Dear Valued Customer,
we would like to inform you of a change to the x-ray customs control system at the port of Bremerhaven as from 03. January 2016.

Presently the x-ray customs control for containers are arranged outside the terminal area. However with the purchase of mobile scanning devices, the future x-ray examinations will take place directly at the terminal.

German customs authorities and terminal operators have been working together closely to set up an efficient process to minimize the administrative and operational workload.

With the new process the German customs authorities will submit their scanning request directly to the terminal operator, who will arrange for the container to be transferred to the new scanning area accordingly. Unlike today no 3rd party will be involved.

Cost for this movement is set at EUR 250,00 which Maersk Line will debit to the involved customers accordingly.

For further information or any question related to this change please contact your local customer service.

With best regards


MSC: GRI ex Bangladesh to Europe







Dear All,


Please take good note that MSC will implement a GRI as follow :


Trade: ex Bangladesh

To: North Europe, UK, Scandinavia and Baltics West Mediterranean and Adriatic, North Africa , East Mediterranean  ,Black Sea


Date: 1st of January 2016 – proforma date

Amount: $ 1500 per TEU

(to Syria : Euro 1475 per TEU)





for the real world



MSC: GRI Asia to Middle East










Dear All,


Please be advised that as from next JANUARY 1st (Pro forma date) MSC will apply a GRI of 500 USD per teu for all shipments ex Asia except Japan to Middle East.


Over and above, MSC will apply another GRI as from JANUARY 7th (Pro forma date) of 150 USD per teu for all shipments ex Asia except Japan to Middle East.


Over and above, MSC will apply another GRI as from JANUARY 21st (Pro forma date) of 150 USD per teu for all shipments ex Asia except Japan to Middle East.


POL (Country) – Ex China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Yangon


Please be guided accordingly.
MSC Asia Regional Corporate Department




Pakistan Port Situation

Our partner Cross Freight reports as follows.







Further to our earlier notification about Congestion at QICT , please be noted that the situation is still same due to heavy traffic on both import and export ends, and delay in clearance of consignee end.

It is impacting all associated activities and resulting considerable delays.


Situation will back to normal in few days and QICT is already working on it and shifting containers to other terminal to reduce the backlog.


All carriers has informed that containers which will deliver after cut off will totally on chance even the containers which will deliver in cut off timings will also accommodate on subject to availability of space and time constraints however we will try our best to load all container on planned vessel . Will keep close eyes on every unit and keep posted to all concerns timely.






CMA: GRI Asia to USA for February 1st, 2016 !!!


The January GRI did not even come into effect yet, when CMA annouces the Feb GRI:







Rate Restoration Initiative (RRI-09) Asia to USA

Effective February 1st, 2016




Dear Valued Customer,


Effective February 1, 2016, unless otherwise specified, RATE RESTORATION INITIATIVE 9 (RRI-09) will apply to all cargo tariff or service contract rates on cargo moving under the scope of this tariff as outlined.



From: All Asia (includes Far East) Ports of Load
To: ALL U.S.A. Ports of Discharge and inland points via said ports


USD 540 per 20′ (all types)
USD 600 per 40′ (all types)
USD 675 per 40’HC (all types)
USD 675 per 40′ (reefer types)
USD 760 per 45′ (all types)
USD 960 per 53’* (all types)
*Long Beach/Los Angeles ports of discharge


The above charges are in addition to any existing tariff Rate Restoration Initiative charges.
Thank you for your continued support.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM (America) LLC sales representative. For current schedule activity please visit our Web site at
Best regards,
Vice President, Import Sales
CMA CGM (America) LLC




Evergreen: GRI Asia to Europe January 1st, 2016


This annoucement is in French, but we believe  that everybody understands the numbers:






sur l’ EUROPE du NORD et la MED

AUGMENTATION TARIFAIRE  à compter du 1er janvier 2016 (on board date)

Merci de noter qu’ Evergreen Line appliquera l’ augmentation tarifaire  suivante pour vos embarquements au départ  :

Asie (incluant Japon) et Sous Continent Indien  à destination du Nord Continent et de la Méditérranée
USD 1300 / 20′, USD 2600 / 40′, USD 2600 / 40’HQ
(including Reefer and other special containers)

Nous vous remercions pour le support apporté à Evergreen Line et  restons à votre entière disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire.



Maersk: Demurrage and detention including pick up and drop off France







22 décembre 2015
Tarifs “demurrage & detention” – 1er semestre 2016 (France métropolitaine)
Chère Cliente, cher Client,

Pour assurer plus de simplicité et de continuité, nous avons étendu nos tarifs de « demurrage & detention » 2015 au 1er semestre 2016 pour la France métropolitaine.

Vous pouvez les consulter ici.


Retrouvez également sur notre site :


Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.


Votre Équipe Maersk Line






Maersk: Container safety charge Pointe Noire and Matadi







Container Safety Charge (PHI) – Pointe Noire and Matadi



The government of the Republic of Congo have decided to implement Container Safety Charge as from 1st January 2016 for all import and export containers passing through or destined for Pointe Noire.

Please note that since all shipments destined for Matadi transship in Pointe Noire – this charge will also apply to both import and export from Matadi.

To ensure Maersk Line follow the directive we hereby implement a new surcharge that will be called PHI (Government Agency Inspection Service).

This charge will appear on your invoice from 1st January 2016 and it will cover the Container Safety Charge.

The PHI charge will be collected on freight and the quantum is EUR10 per container.

We thank you for your continuous supports.

For questions, please contact your local Maersk Line representative