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CMA USA: Standard and specialized import rail demurrage










Standard and Specialized Import Rail Demurrage (Merchant Haulage) World to USA

Effective December 1, 2016


Dear Valued Customer,


CMA CGM (America) LLC is announcing the following changes to tariff CMDU 100 Rule 100. This change will go into effect December 1, 2016, and affect the following; Import Demurrage for Standard and Specialized equipment for Merchant Haulage Rail moves.





Maersk: Update on Safari Service









October 31st, 2016



Dear Valued Customer,


Changes to the berthing windows will result in improved transit times on both directions on the Safari service. Please find below the updated route maps and transit times, this will be effective from the Maersk Serangoon 1632, with ETD Durban 3 January 2017






Should you have further queries, please contact your local Maersk Line office.
Cape Town: (021) 408-6000

Durban: (031) 336-7700

Johannesburg: (011) 277-3700

Port Elizabeth/East London: (041) 501-3100
Yours faithfully,







Maersk: GRI Far East to North Europe







Dear Customer,


as Maersk Line strives to continue to offer you a broad portfolio of services, we are announcing an increase in FAK rates (Freight All Kinds). Below are the FAK rates for a sample list of corridors, commodities and container types where the rate increase is effective. As always, please visit for a quote, or your rate sheets or contracts will provide you with full details of rate increases.






  • The above rates are inclusive of Basic Freight Rate (BAS), Bunker Adjustment Factor (SBF), Emergency Risk Surcharge (ERS), and Peak Season Surcharge (PSS)].
  • The above rates are subject to [Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS), Terminal Handling Charges (THC). Detailed levels of [LSS, ERS, THC and PSS] can be found here.
  • The above rates are also subject to other applicable surcharges.
  • Other corridors, commodities and container types (including reefers) that are not listed above may also be subject to increases.
  • These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements.
  • For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations, quotations or surcharges that vary from the Maersk Line tariff shall not be binding on Maersk Line unless included in a service contract or service contract amendment that has been filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) or the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, as applicable.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing business with us. As the world’s leading shipping company, we strive to be your reliable shipping partner, propelling your business forward and supporting your growth ambitions.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales or customer service representative. You will find contact details of our local offices on


If you wish to place a booking you can always visit







Maersk Line

UASC: Peak Season Surcharge Asia to Spain







Monday, October 31 th 2016




In a continued effort to provide our customers with reliable and efficient services, a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) will be implemented as from 15th Nov 2016. For dry equipment types cargo moving from Asia to Spain.


Amount: USD 50/50/50 per 20’/40’/40’HC

Scope: From Asia to Spain Cargo Type: Dry Cargo

Effective date: 15th Nov 2016 (based on BL date)


Please do not hesitate to contact our local sales if you require further information or have any queries.
Yours sincerely




K- Line: Annoucement of integration of container services







October 31st, 2016

To Whom it May Concern,

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
Eizo Murakami, President & CEO
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
Junichiro Ikeda, President & CEO
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Tadaaki Naito, President



Notice of Agreement to the Integration of Container Shipping Businesses


Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd., and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha have
agreed, after the resolution by the board of directors of each company held today, and subject to
regulatory approval from the authorities, to establish a new joint-venture company to integrate
the container shipping businesses (including worldwide terminal operating businesses excluding
Japan) of all three companies and to sign a business integration contract and a shareholders


1. Background
Although growing modestly, the container shipping industry has struggled in recent years due to
a decline in the container growth rate and the rapid influx of newly built vessels. These two
factors have contributed to an imbalance of supply and demand which has destabilized the
industry and has created an environment that is adverse to container line profitability. In order to
combat these factors, industry participants have sought to gain scale merit through mergers and
acquisitions and consequently the structure of the industry is changing through consolidation.
Under these circumstances, three companies have now decided to integrate their respective
container shipping on an equal footing to ensure future stable, efficient and competitive business


The new joint-venture company is expected to create a synergy effect by utilizing the best
practices of the three companies. And by taking advantage of scale merit of its vessel fleet
totaling 1.4 million TEUs, realize integration effect of approximately 110 billion Japanese Yen
annually and seek swiftly financial performance stabilization.
By strengthening the global organization and enhancing the liner network, the new joint-venture
company aims to provide higher quality and more competitive services in order to exceed our
clients’ expectations.





3. Schedule
Agreement date: October 31st, 2016
Establishment of the new joint-venture company: July 1st, 2017 (planned)
Business commencement: April 1st, 2018 (planned)


4. Other
The expected impact of the integration to business performance will be informed by each
individual company once details have been confirmed.



Please contact following person for this notice.
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
Kiyoshi Tokonami, General Manager, Investor & Public
Relations Group
(TEL: +81-3- 3595-5189)
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
Kayo Ichikawa, General Manager, Public Relations Office
(TEL: +81-3- 3587-7015)
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Ushio Koiso, General Manager, Corporate Communication
and CSR Group
(TEL: +81-3-3284-5058)



MOL: Integration of NYK, K-Line and MOL Container lines






31 October, 2016



MOL, NYK and K-Line Integration of Container Operations

We wish to inform you that Mitsui OSK Lines, NYK and K-Line have reached an agreement to integrate our container shipping divisions into a single operating entity. Some important details about this development are as follows:

  • This new arrangement will not simply be a carrier alliance. A new company, operating under a new name (yet to be finalized), will be established with MOL, NYK and K-Line as shareholders.
  • Subject to regulatory approval, the new company is expected to be fully integrated and operational by April of 2018. During the 18 months between now and then, MOL, NYK and K-Line will be focused on the smooth integration of our services in order to ensure that the new company is capable of offering a premier service upon commencement of operations.
  • In the meantime, MOL will continue to serve you as an independent operator and we remain steadfastly committed to providing you with the services you require.

With an initial fleet size of 1.4 million TEUs, MOL fully expects that the new company will provide you with a combination of financial strength, global operational efficiency and customer service excellence.

We will be sure to keep you well informed of developments both directly and via our website –

Thank you for your continued support.


Richard Hiller
Chief Commercial Officer
MOL Liner Ltd.


OOCL vessel storm on the Transatlantic.







OOCL Taking Care of your Transatlantic business


To conclude this month’s Tiding we want to share below youtube link, with a video of our vessel
ms OOCL Belgium enduring severe weather in the Transatlantic.
As you can see proper container stuffing is required, given the forces your containers are exposed
to during their voyage.

OOCL: Correct commodities for regulated trade shipments







Correct commodities for Regulated Trade shipments


It is well known in the shipping industry that the FMC regulations require that a shipping line duly files the rate agreed with the customer, and this prior to the shipping line taking receipt of the cargo.


Additionally , we would like to ask the support of our customers to supply us with the most detailed commodity description possible when booking their valued cargo with us.


Generic descriptions like “Cargo /machinery/foodstuff and chemicals nos” should not be used as commodity description, but the description that ‘most accurately’ fits the commodity must be given.


This to avoid any FMC rejections and delays in the process of releasing the empties to our customers.




OOCL: VGM Controls on containers can start in Belgium







VGM controls on container weights can start in Belgium


Please note that Belgium has finished its homework regarding the legislation on the implementation of mandatory weighing of export containers, as per the IMO regulations under SOLAS. The royal decree has been published in het Staatsblad the 30th of September, and has been law since the 1st of October 2016.


This publication has given all government officials involved the green light to start controlling and enforcing this new international regulation where needed. These controls are expected to be significantly increased in the last Trimester of 2016.



The weighing of sea containers can be done according to two methods, and specifically Method 2 (= the adding of cargo payload, stuffing materials and the empty container tare) will be targetted in these controls. Shippers opting for this
method 2, need to be properly ISO-certified, and in possession of the proper AEO recognition (F or
S), or have their calculation method approved by the proper governmental institution.


As several Shippers are using this Method 2 without the proper certification at present, increased controls will make sure all companies will do the necessary to get in line.




OOCL: Implementation of Winter Surcharge







Implementation of the Winter Surcharge (WSC)


Please be advised that OOCL will implement a Winter Surcharge (WSC) for all dry and reefer cargo to / from the port of Saint Petersburg, Russia and Ust-Luga, Russia.


This surcharge will be effective as from the 1st of December 2016 until the 30th of April 2017, and
will be applied on rate date (= Sailing date).


Intra Europe Trade (IET):
(To Russia, being Saint Petersburg and Ust-Luga)
WEST / SOUTHBOUND: USD 25 per container
(From Russia, being Saint Petersburg and Ust-Luga)


Asia Europe Trade & Australia Europe (AET / AUT):
(To Russia, being Saint Petersburg and Ust-Luga)
EASTBOUND: USD 25 per container
(From Russia, being Saint Petersburg and Ust-Luga)