About us
In the NVOCC business
for more than 20 years
Oceanwide Logistics Inc was founded by a management team that successfully ran one of the biggest FCL/FCL NVOCCs in the world. For more than 20 years, we build up the system and the customers loved the staff, the service and the smile that was part of our business. The management team founded Oceanwide Logistics Inc, the well known staff joined and the service got better than ever before.

One of the most perfectly tailored software programs is feeding the actions, informing the customers, supporting the daily actions so that the customers can be sure that their business is taken care of the way they would do by themselves.

Oceanwide Logistics Inc is fully bonded for the USA, got the FMC (Federal Martime Commission) license for an OTI (Ocean Transport Intermediary), can do the filings on our own bond to make sure that the sensitive data of the customers is not spread around the market. The office and agency network is handpicked; most of the world’s locations are covered. All of the network partners are on one single worldwide data base using the same software and the same procedures and the same quality standards.