Network Management
Network Management
Oceanwide Logistics Inc USA is the holder of the FMC licenses, the bonds, tariff and insurances with the US authorities, which is the base of our permit to operate under US laws in the worldwide shipping of goods.

OLN Oceanwide Logistics Global Network GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg is managing the business on behalf of Oceanwide Logistic Inc out of the Hamburg office actually located in Elmshorn, outside the Hamburg city.

The group is proud to have reached the full operational stage in late 2012 already and developed the network over the time to one of the biggest nets around.

More than 160 agents in their countries are members and the buying power of the net goes up every day. Our agents are exclusive representations of OL in their respective countries.

Having installed the Oceanwide Logistics Inc software in a lot of agencies already, the team members are linked by EDI and can exchange data around the clock.

OLN Oceanwide Logistics Global Network manages and oversees the entire operation on a worldwide basis in real time. As soon as problems come up, the network manager is coming in to help avoiding or finally solving them.

Procurement of rates, standardization of work flows, instructions and also training of staff are some of the important tasks of the network management too.

The management keeps the partners informed on a constant basis, shipping news, rate changes, economical tendencies, whatever is necessary to put the partners into the position to be the best possible advisor to their customers and to be able to offer the most advantageous transport solutions.

Unlike other networks that may resemble a big address book only, the OL team is in constant contact with eachother.