Customs Clearance
customs clearance

Whenever you send cargo under the Inco Terms of DDP (Delivered, duty paid) you will need help in the port of destination so that the duty payment will be arranged, correctly and in time. The receiver of your consignment does not want to deal with it, so you will instruct OL and by the help of our big network of partners, we will arrange all customs formalities without bothering the consignee of your cargo.

You promised a smooth delivery of your products to the buyer and we will fulfill your promises.

The same customs clearance service that is offered for export shipments on DDP terms, obviously can be extended to you on all of your imports no matter which country you talk about. We deal with the formalities and you immediately start to use the products you bought in any foreign country.

Please keep in mind, however, that the customs authorities in most countries in the world expect to obtain the VAT number of the consignee and possibly other details to allow the clearance of the cargo. The OL partners would have to contact receivers to be able to arrange for adequate clearance of the cargo into the country of destination.