Canada E- Manifest further delayed

Canada E- Manifest further delayed






FYI. Message from CIFFA Exec. :




CIFFA holds a weekly call with the CBSA.

CBSA have now advised us that their Customs Notice communication on delayed eHBL implementation will not be ready before the end of May.


We have been advised verbally that the CBSA will push out the July 12, 2017 date by several months and possibly by as much as a year.  During this ‘extension’ we have been advised that no monetary AMPs will be assessed for failure to file eHBL (as long as ACI supplementary S10 data is filed etc.).


We expect too that during this extended period, the CBSA will introduce a new requirement (possibly a form or copy of the Customs release from RNS – we don’t know) that will require warehouse operators including primary terminals and railyards to have BOTH the Deconsolidation Notice AND if the shipment is clearing from that warehouse subloc code, the Customs release.  This should help close the current eHBL gap on back-to-back shipments.


The other issue is instability with the CBSA system.  The March 4/5 deployment 5A has caused innumerable issues.  There is mounting frustration and anger over forwarders’ and brokers’ inability to get release messages etc.  The CBSA TCCU is extremely busy – with eHBL, IID, Single Window and several other issues.  Response times are considerably delayed and help is not readily available.


Finally, the CBSA has been promising ‘National Service Centers’ manned with officers who are current and competent in eHBL problems to answer your live freight questions.  Again, it has been months and the progress is glacial.  We have, however, been advised that the Service Centers will be resourced and the phone numbers available very soon.  This should help alleviate the run-around you all experience trying to get live shipments moving.


Until the CBSA implements the ‘interim procedure’ for b-to-b shipments, and we see what it looks like, and until their system is stabilized, and until the service centers are established and manned, we recommend holding off on implementing eHBL, certainly for single / back-to-back shipments.  Consolidations on the other hand have been reported as working well, primarily where a single forwarder is implicated in the container, and where the carrier is providing the sub-location code to CBSA to generate the 8000 Deconsolidation Notice electronically.



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