CMA USA: Customer credits matched against open invoices (revised)

CMA USA: Customer credits matched against open invoices (revised)








Customer Credits Matched Against Open Invoices – REVISED

Effective November 17, 2016


Dear Valued Customer,


Commencing November 17th, 2016 CMA CGM (America) LLC will begin applying all valid open accounts receivable credits aged over six months against open\unpaid accounts receivable invoices that have been outstanding for at least 60 days for each individual customer account.


Customers may provide application instructions for outstanding credits prior to the 6 month cut off at any time. Once the application of open credits is processed, it will be considered final and will not be reversed.


Disputes on any open past due invoices must be received and logged prior to 60 days after the initial invoice date. Appropriate dispute contact information can be found on all of CMA CGM invoices.


Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM sales representative. For current schedule activity please visit our Web site at
Best regards,
CMA CGM (America) LLC