Hapag Lloyd: Info on flooding in Peru

Hapag Lloyd: Info on flooding in Peru







  1. Flooding in Peru

Over the past few weeks the north and central regions of Peru have been severely affected by an abnormal amount of precipitation caused by an unusual warm-water mass sitting off the coast of Peru.


Public infrastructure such as highways, railroads, roads, and bridges have been severely affected or destroyed by landslides and floods. As of this morning, there number of casualties has risen to 75 and over 100k people who lost their homes and over 600k affected. Schools in Lima have been suspended since last Thursday. We have been experiencing water and food supply shortages in Lima as well.


This past Saturday, the already difficult situation, took a turn for the worse when the Virú Bridge (which connects the Panamerican Highway to the north of Peru near Salaverry and Trujillo) collapsed, cutting off all direct access of supplies and humanitarian support from the most affected Areas. Other bridges are on the brink of collapsing and further affecting the north of Peru.


We have been contacted by the government to support with transporting humanitarian and are already working on a possible action plan to help with this requirement and to also cover the commercial needs of our customers such as Falabella, Cencosud, Alicorp, Schenker/Intercorp, PLEX, among many others.


For further info you can check this link: http://rpp.pe/tema-fenomeno-el-nino?ns_source=self&ns_mchannel=portada.home&ns_campaign=menu.temas


We will keep you updated of any new developments.