Hyundai Low Sulphur Surcharge

Hyundai Low Sulphur Surcharge


One by one the carriers come on the screen with their low sulphur surcharges, this is Hyundai :





HMM Notice: Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSF) introduction


We’d like to advise that HMM will implement a Low Sulphur Surcharge for all shipments from/to Europe SECA (Sulphur Emission Control Area : North Sea & Baltic Sea)

& US ECA (Emission Control Area : North America) due to fortified emission control regulation at Eurpoe (SECA) & US (ECA).


For your information, carriers should use more purified bunker (sulphur percentage 1.0%  0.1%) which costs higher than currently used bunker.


1) Freight Code : LSF

2) Trade :


Applicable range


Shipments from/to EU (SECA)


Shipments from//to EU (SECA) or US (ECA)

3) Amount :




(W/B & E/B)



Main Port




EU Outport






4) Effective Date : From January 1st. 2015 until further notice


As this surcharge has been implemented as a necessity of working in the shipping business environment and is a third party cost, it will be added to all rates from 1st January, regardless of the terms of the rates in a customer’s contract or RR filing. This surcharge will apply to all rates, even those that are quoted “all inclusive”.





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