Ocean Alliances and their possible changes

Ocean Alliances and their possible changes







Ocean 5?



January 28th, 2016



An updated infographic (see below) from California-based BCO consultants 10xoceansolutions shows the Ocean 3 alliance as the potential big winners if all the mooted shipping line mergers proceed. Cosco could join China Shipping at Ocean 3, along with founding partners UASC and CMA CGM, the latter likely taking new acquisition APL from the G6 too, giving ‘Ocean 5’

a 26% market share among global alliances, up from its current 23% stake.



APL’s place in G6 could be replaced by Hamburg Sud, 10xoceansolutions suggests.



The big loser is the Asian alliance of CKYHE. With Cosco departing, the grouping of K Line, Yang Ming, Hanjin and Evergreen would have a 16% share among global alliances, down from its current 21%.



10xoceansolutions has yet to factor in possible changes brought about by a rumoured merger between South Korean pair Hanjin and Hyundai Merchant Marine; the pair belong to competing alliances.



Chas Deller, ceo and chairman of 10xoceansolutions, told Splash earlier this week shippers were in for a very tricky period deciding where to place their contracts for the transpacific this season.



“With the inevitable changes to alliance structures brought about by the CMA CGM purchase of APL/NOL and the China merger of CSCL and Cosco the new year has started with a new twist for shippers, especially on the major east-west trades,” Deller said.



“With the transpacific contract season approaching how does a BCO choose who to use this season when the new alliance structure is so up in the air?” Deller mused.