OOCL: Blank Sailings Transatlantic

OOCL: Blank Sailings Transatlantic







December 01, 2016

Trans-Atlantic Trade – Winter Program Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Further to our customer advisory dated October 17, 2016, we would like to inform you of the withdrawal of the following Trans-Atlantic sailings:

Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) service

•         Vancouver Express (VCX) voyage 053W/E
•         Westbound:  No sailing from Le Havre on December 30, 2016
•         Eastbound:  No sailing from New York on January 16, 2017

Atlantic Express 2 (AX2) service

•         Singapore Express (SNX) voyage 057W/E
•         Westbound:  No sailing from Southampton on December 24, 2016
•         Eastbound:  No sailing from Savannah on January 9, 2017

For any questions or enquiries, please contact our local customer service representatives.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of OOCL.