Maersk Line prepares new and optimised East-West Network

AE9 Service to be replaced by seasonal deployment

Maersk Line would like to announce that the AE9 service will be phased out and replaced by a seasonal deployment subject to demand on the Asia / North Europe trade starting September 14. We continue to offer coverage on alternative services, which will be announced in detail on Monday, August 17.

The seasonal service is part of an optimisation effort on the East-West Network. It will allow us to be flexible on capacity to cater for our customers’ demand in both peak and low seasons, maintaining our commitment to provide customers with reliable and sustainable shipping solutions.

The East-West Network started operations in January 2015. We have continuously monitored and analysed the network’s performance and have identified further areas of improvement, including two new ports added to the network, which will be announced on Monday as well.

For further information, we invite you to get in touch with your local Maersk Line office.