Please be informed about the new Hamburg Sued Service as per below:




Hamburg Süd is pleased to announce a new service connecting the North European market with Mexico, Central America and Colombia.
This new fixed-day, weekly service is operated exclusively by Hamburg Süd and is designed to meet our customers’ requests for a fast, direct independent service  between
North Europe, Mexico and Central America.

NORTHBOUND: The service will offer fruit exporters from Costa Rica and Colombia a new direct connection to Marin in Spain as well as to the North European ports of Antwerp, London and Hamburg. Onward transportation to Scandinavia and the Baltic will be provided by Hamburg Süd via Hamburg. In addition the service will provide competitive connections between the growing Mexico market and North Europe.

SOUTHBOUND: North European exporters will be able to connect to Altamira and Veracruz in Mexico with market-leading transit times, as well as gain access to the US Gulf, Central America and the Caribbean via Hamburg Süd’s feeder network.

The new service will start in week 49 and will give our customers the required extra space they have requested to meet their growth projections. The vessels employed will have high reefer plug capacity to cater to the growing fruit export market and the ongoing containerization of bananas from Costa Rica and Colombia.
Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.
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