No miracle, that MOL publishes today as follows:



Due to severe congestion at the port of Rotterdam, leading to imposition of surcharges by barge operators, MOL has decided to introduce a Congestion Surcharge for selected cargo moving by barge via the port of Rotterdam (all terminals).

For now, we will limit application of the ‘Barge Congestion Surcharge’ to cargo moving to/from Germany, as it is only barge operators on this route who have applied a surcharge. However, barge operators on the other routes have indicated they are contemplating similar action. Should this happen, we reserve the right to also apply the ‘Barge Congestion Surcharge’ for those routes.

The Barge Congestion Surcharge has been set at EUR18 per container, to be implemented based on barge arrival / departure date as follows:

• Export cargo to the Far East, Oceania & Indian Ocean Islands – 01 August 2014

• Import cargo from the Far East, Oceania & Indian Ocean Islands – 01 September 2014

• Cargo with origin or destination in South & West Africa – 01 August 2014

• Cargo with origin or destination in the United States – 01 September 2014

This surcharge is applicable to all commodities and equipment types.