The lack  of cargo in winter is a problem that pops up every year. Carriers try to find solutions as we see here in the NYK circular




G6 will be implementing below blank sailing for schedule recovery purpose.
The affected vessels and schedule details are as follows:
Blank Sailing in Week47(EB- ETA Tacoma 19 November 2014) & Week 52(WB- ETA Southampton 22 December 2014)

Resumption of service will commence in Week 48 on Kobe Express v079E/080W with the following schedule:
The port rotation details are as follows:
Tacoma : ETA 26th November 2014
Vancouver : ETA 27th November 2014
Oakland : ETA 30th November 2014
Los Angeles : ETA 2nd December 2014
Balboa : ETA 10th December 2014
Manzanillo : ETA 11th December 2014
Savannah : ETA 16th December 2014
Norfolk : ETA 18th December 2014
New York : ETA 19th December 2014
Halifax : ETA 22nd December 2014
Southampton : ETA 29th December 2014
Antwerp : ETA 31st December 2014
Bremerhaven : ETA 2nd January 2015
Rotterdam : ETA 4th January 2015
Halifax : ETA 11th January 2015
New York : ETA 13th January 2015
Norfolk : ETA 15th January 2015
Savannah : ETA 17th January 2015
Manzanillo : ETA 21st January 2015
Los Angeles : ETA 29th January 2015
Oakland : ETA 31st January 2015
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