Customer Advisory
NYK Line (Benelux) B.V.


Customer Detail Requirements on Bills of Lading.


20th May 201 5

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that NYK requires full name and postal address details to be shown on manifests, bills of lading and waybills (this includes street address as well as post codes).

This is to ensure;

a. The bills of lading match with the shipping manifest and therefore will remove any risk of customs fines or cargo delays.


b. That the customer is properly identified on all documents. Showing only the customer name might result in there being more than one specific party. Full name
and address details remove any ambiguity between parties with similar or same names.


c. The bill of lading is a contract of carriage and for any contract, the inclusion of full address details are a standard requirement.


The use of correct and complete customer details will assist in ensuring that nonfraudulent, secure and quality services take place when carrying your cargoes to their
We wish to thank you for your cooperation and should you require further information, please contact your local NYK sales or customer service representative.
Yours Sincerely,
NYK Line (Benelux) B.V.