Customer Advisory

Export Documentation Guidelines.



2nd May 2016

Dear Valued Customer,


We are sending you hereunder an updated summary of our export documentation guidelines. We invite you to thoroughly read these guidelines and make sure these are known at the responsible departments within your organization.


Documentation Closings:
For all destinations which are subject to AMS rules (US/Canada/China/Japan), documentation closing is 48 working hours before ETA vessel.
For all destinations which are not subject to AMS rules, the documentation closing is on the same day as the Container closing.
Note: Documentation closings (DOC Cut off) are also communicated via the booking receipt notice.


Complete your B/L Shipping Instructions:
– Please issue the Shipping Instructions and B/L requirements in the English language
– Always add our booking reference in subject of your notification
– Kindly add your own reference(s) to be used, in case this is required
– Enter a valid Rate Agreement/Service Contract number applicable for the shipment
– Make sure that all container- and seal numbers are reported
– Provide the specific commodity description (including IMO details) and/or
HS code (minimal 6 digits)
– Enter the kind and number of packages and CBM loaded inside the container(s) (breakdown per container is required)
– Ensure that the correct weights are registered
– Clearly indicate which charges are payable Prepaid or Collect
– Clearly indicate who is the payment party
– Clearly advise the B/L type that is required, either Waybills or an Original set and number of copies
– Please ensure to add the full name, postal address and contact details for all parties mentioned on the bill of lading instruction


Failing to submit the required information might result in delay of your bill of lading processing and lead to extra costs for altering or adding.
B/L Correction Fee: € 60 per Correction (after Documentation closing)
Late Shipping Instruction Fee: € 50 per Bill of Lading


For destinations which are subject to AMS rules; please always clearly indicate if a direct B/L, Master or Master + SCAC B/L is required and if applicable advice related SCAC or ACI code accordingly.
1) Direct Filer, actual shipper and consignee are as per the bill and therefore no house bill is required.
2) HBLs to be created by NYK, in which case please advise the details of the actual shipper and consignee in addition to the details to be shown on the bill.
3) HBLs to be filed by you/ your agent, in which case please advise the SCAC or ACI code to be used. (this will be a 4 digit reference, e.g. SCAC code for NYK Line is NYKS)
Failing to do so could result in the issuance of a Direct Bill of lading, unless we have your written confirmation you are ALWAYS doing the AMS filing.


Sending your B/L Shipping Instructions:
– Shipping Instructions should preferably be received in electronic way as this shortens the
process time and reduces typographical errors.
For more info, please check our E-Commerce tools on www.nykline.com or contact our
Sales or Customer Services Department directly.
– If Shipping Instructions are being sent by e-mail, they should only be addressed to
– For all other Manifest related matters please send your mails to


We are convinced that the guidelines stipulated above will help us to better manage the B/L production process to provide you with accurate draft Bills of Lading within 48 working hours and final BL within 24 working hours after departure.
For further information, please contact your local NYK sales or customer service representative.
Thank you for your support.
Yours Sincerely,
NYK Line (Benelux) B.V