Product Update on Loop 7

17 April 2015

Dear Valued Customer,

NYK is pleased to announce the following service update for Loop 7 on the Asia to Europe trade.


Eastbound Hong Kong Call will be removed.

Commencement voyage MOL QUINTET 006W20/ 006E25, departing Qingdao 13th May
2015, arriving Rotterdam 16th June 2015.
The total round voyage will remain unchanged as at 77-days and new port rotation as follows:
Qingdao – Shanghai – Hong Kong – Yantian – Singapore – Port Said – Rotterdam – Hamburg –
Southampton – Singapore – Yantian – Qingdao



For further information on LP7 service, please kindly contact your local NYK representative.
Yours faithfully,
Global Liner Management Division
NYK Group South Asia Pte Ltd