We are always grateful to be able to present the latest news on the situation in the USA and here comes a report provided by NYK:





Dear Valued Customer,

We are providing the following overview pertaining to North America operational conditions for your convenience. Contents should be used as a generalized source of information and are subject to change without notification.

While the main  ILWU negotiations have ceased until December 2nd, conditions have worsened along the West Coast.

Port and Terminal Conditions

Terminal congestion, exacerbated by labor unrest, continues to cause further vessels delays along the US West Coast   Attached to this document is the latest vessel schedule for all G6 vessels calling the West Coast in the next two weeks.  We are sharing the detailed schedule to highlight the unusual actions taken in response to the congestion and in some cases as a contingency to the delays.   It is forecasted the number of anchored vessels will rise again this week particularly with the Holiday closures and continuing congestion issues.

The situation continues to force terminals to place varying restrictions on export receiving and empty container returns.  Import customers are urged to arrange pick up of their cargo as soon as possible to reduce terminals congestion and speed up vessel berthing.

In Los Angeles, terminals remain congested with high inventories and  slow turn times.    Yusen Terminal is undertaking various initiatives to improve their productivity and efficiency.  Last week YTI introduced a Delivery Improvement Program   – designed to focus lift equipment  in certain areas of the yard   to improve throughput and reduce driver turn time.  The terminal has also acquired more acreage    from the Port Authority to increase their scale to handle the increased inventories and reduce congestion.  The Marex Service has been temporarily moved   to California United Terminal to help ease the congestion at YTI.

To assist customers with empty returns, NYK has opened our off-dock depot (Con Global) for empty receiving at varying times throughout the week, when empty returns to the terminals was not possible.  Chassis at all G6 terminals have been in good supply for the past two weeks.

Teamster demonstrations in front of gates at various marine and rail terminals last week, have been non-existent this week.

In Oakland, after some labor disruption earlier in November and a port-wide 1 day closure on the 20th due to the  death of an ILWU worker, productivity and terminal fluidity has been closer to normal than both the Los Angeles and the PNW ports.   Volume has surged recently through Oakland, causing congested related issues as well.

Seattle and Tacoma also continue to suffer with slow productivity.  Tacoma has reduced gangs orders in response to the slow production.  Seattle, likewise suffered from slow labor production hindering terminal efficiencies.

NYK continues to review all possible contingencies to keep cargo moving.  Unfortunately, the Vancouver terminals have already advised they will not allow cargo originally destined to discharge at US ports to discharge in Vancouver.

Terminals on the east coast remain relatively fluid, operating under their usual conditions.


Rail Service Conditions

Due to ongoing labor actions and export receiving restrictions at the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle, both the BNSF (empties) and UPRR (loads and empties) have placed restrictions and or embargoes on various routes into Tacoma and Seattle.  While the UP embargoes will not impact NYK Line customers, we have been forced to change routings, diverting freight into Vancouver or Los Angeles/ Long Beach on a limited basis.  Due to limited vessel space on the East Coast diverting inland cargo which normally routes west is not an option. A separate advisory has previously been issued detailing those routing changes.

Early winter weather accompanied by snow has had moderate impact to train service.

Truck Service Conditions

Truck Power on the West Coast remains in critical condition, largely attributed to terminal congestion. The Midwest remains tight and difficult in certain areas.  The East Coast has eased   over previous months and is in good shape.  As previously reported Hazardous drivers and drivers with tri-axle chassis are in extreme short supply. Significant advance notice is needed to avoid service issues.




As always NYK Line appreciates your ongoing support and continues to strive to provide quality service to meet your needs. For further updates and other important information regarding our services, please visit us at www.nykline.com .