North America Operations Update

Week of April 03, 2016



OCEAN Alliance


OCEAN Alliance (OA) commenced this past Saturday on April 1st.  The first OA vessels arriving in North America with import loads will be arriving the week of Monday, April 17th (Week16).


OCEAN Alliance service routes can be found below:


CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a new alliance, the OCEAN Alliance.  The new alliance has commenced operations.


In response to the vessel transition from the existing Global Alliance to the new Ocean Alliance, schedules will be affected.  Some port calls will be omitted and others port calls added. Please refer to our latest schedules on OOCL.com.



Other Vessel and Terminal Information


Terminal First Receiving Date

Information for export cargo container receiving windows as reported by North America terminals can be found on OOCL.com.


Vessel Schedule


For the most up to date scheduling information please refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on www.oocl.com.



Truck Power


Truck Power across the USA to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups is adequate except for certain ports where terminal congestion is causing delays, especially in Oakland.

  • There is a shortage of trucking companies willing to dray hazardous containers.
  • There are no truck power issues in Canada or Mexico.
  • Please see our Truck Power Map on com for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.



Pacific Southwest


  • Los Angeles/Long Beach Terminals
  • Monthly ILWU Stop Work Meeting will take place this Thursday, April 6th.  All LALB marine terminals will be closed 2nd shift (6pm-3am).
  • Many empty return options last week.
  • Eastbound intermodal cargo was relatively fluid last week but experienced a few minor delays.
  • Chassis supply was extremely surplus.
  • Truck power remains in good supply in Southern California.





  • OICT was operating normally last week.  Dual transactions were shut off early at 2:30pm daily.
  • 4-day vessel receiving window for exports.
  • OICT is processing full night gate transactions Monday-Thursday, 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. (except for Stop-Work nights and Holidays).  In order for customers to participate in the import container one-stop program (peel-off) a minimum of 30 units per vessel voyage is required for importers with high volume shipments.
  • TRAPAC operations were severely congested last week.
  • TraPac Oakland will continue to run night gates on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights until further notice (except for ILWU Stop Work Meeting Nights).
  • The terminal is holding a 4-day vessel receiving window for exports.
  • Oakland is short on truck power; new dispatches are not being accepted for 7 days out.



Tacoma & Seattle


  • Please use the website The Northwest Seaport Alliance for weekly gate schedule information.
  • Tacoma WUT was operating normally last week.
  • Gate turn times averaged 20 minutes.
  • The terminal posts an announcement on their web site regarding for which vessel(s) they will receive export cargo the following day.
  • WUT gate appointment system is still in the testing stage and not fully implemented.
  • Seattle T-18 was operating normally last week.  Gate turn times averaged 35 minutes.
  • In order to improve truck turn times, beginning April 1st, 2017, Terminal 18 and Terminal 30 will no longer provide copies of hazardous paperwork to drivers picking-up hazardous Import Loads.  Trucking companies will be responsible for providing their drivers with any hazardous paperwork that is required.
  • Seattle-Tacoma is short on truck power; new dispatches are not being accepted for 7 days out.
  • Equipment supply is adequate.





  • Deltaport and Centerm Terminal gates will be closed on Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th for Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  • GCT Deltaport Terminal
  • This week the CN evacuated an average of 2 eastbound import intermodal trains each day and has experienced moderate dwelling over the past week.
  • GCT Vanterm Terminal has no OOCL containers at this time.
  • DP World Centerm Terminal
  • This week the CN evacuated an average of 1 eastbound import intermodal train each day and is experiencing minor dwell times.
  • DP World Prince Rupert has no OOCL containers at this time.




  • Quebec Ministry of Transportation has released the 2017 Thaw Period projected dates and trucking information can be found here.
  • CAST Terminal had very minor dwell times last week.
  • Termont Terminal had no dwelling last week.





  • Halterm Terminal had no ITM imports dwelling last week.
  • Ceres Terminal had some minor ITM import dwelling last week.



New York Terminals


  • The OA SEAP service will make its first four calls at PNCT. After these first four calls the service will transition over to APMT.
  • GCT NY, APMT and Maher Terminals closed on Good Friday, April 14th.
  • Gate turn times:
  • GCT Bayonne – 77 minutes
  • GCT New York – 21 minutes
  • Maher – 67 minutes
  • APMT – 62 minutes
  • Truck power lead time is 0-2 days in NYC.



Norfolk International Terminal


  • Intermodal imports experienced some minor dwell times last week.
  • Average gate turn time at NIT was 42 minutes.
  • Average gate turn time at VIG was 42 minutes.
  • Truck power lead time is 0-2 days in Norfolk.



USA Midwest & South Central


  • Truck power remains adequate throughout the Midwest and Gulf with new dispatches being accepted for 3-4 days out with the exception of the Ohio Valley which is short truck power.  In the Ohio Valley new dispatches are being accepted starting 7 days out.
  • Equipment supply is adequate throughout both regions with the exception of 20’ and 40’ in Minneapolis.
  • Chassis quantity is adequate throughout both regions.
  • Houston ’s Barbour’s Cut Terminal
  • Operating normally with average gate turn times of 34 minutes.
  • New Orleans Napoleon Terminal is operating normally.



South Atlantic


  • Overall, truck power for this region remains adequate and requires 0-48 hours’ notice.





  • Marine Terminal operations in both Veracruz and Altamira were normal last week.
  • Equipment in Veracruz and Altamira:  20’ GP is limited, 40’ GP & HQ and 40’ RQ are all adequate.
  • Depot, trucking, and rail services were all normal.



Yours Sincerely,

OOCL North America