June 26, 2016
OOCL provides VGM updates: Regional Implementation Status and VGM Fee(s)

Dear Valued Customer,

Regional Implementation Status

To further support our customers in meeting the VGM requirements, we are pleased to provide you with an overview of the VGM implementation status (link) for different regions around the world.

Information on local regulations and practices is collected from various sources for your easy reference  so that you may familiarize yourself with the specific requirements from local authorities that may apply to your shipment.

Such information, where available and/or applicable, would include the following areas:

  • VGM receivable parties (Carrier, Terminal or both);
  • VGM tolerance level set by authorities;
  • Registration requirements for weighing methods;
  • VGM Policy (“No VGM, No Load” or “No VGM, No Gate-in”);
  • Weighing services at terminal;
  • Terminal charges related to VGM;
  • Website addresses to local authorities; and
  • OOCL Local Region website with detailed guidelines for local VGM compliance

VGM Fees

Ancillary Charges

Effective from July 01, 2016, customers will be responsible for any additional or related costs associated to meeting the VGM requirements (e.g. weighing charge), collected by OOCL or a third party.

Administration fees

OOCL will introduce Administration Fees to recover the costs from the  manual processing  of VGM submissions (i.e. not sent via electronic submission channels) and those that are late or require amendments (link).  There is a possibility that customers may encounter different issues that prevent them from making successful VGM submissions during the initial stage of implementation and as such, OOCL will advise customers on when the VGM administration fees will become effective.

For further enquiries, please kindly contact our local representatives.

Thank you for your support of OOCL.