VGM controls on container weights can start in Belgium


Please note that Belgium has finished its homework regarding the legislation on the implementation of mandatory weighing of export containers, as per the IMO regulations under SOLAS. The royal decree has been published in het Staatsblad the 30th of September, and has been law since the 1st of October 2016.


This publication has given all government officials involved the green light to start controlling and enforcing this new international regulation where needed. These controls are expected to be significantly increased in the last Trimester of 2016.



The weighing of sea containers can be done according to two methods, and specifically Method 2 (= the adding of cargo payload, stuffing materials and the empty container tare) will be targetted in these controls. Shippers opting for this
method 2, need to be properly ISO-certified, and in possession of the proper AEO recognition (F or
S), or have their calculation method approved by the proper governmental institution.


As several Shippers are using this Method 2 without the proper certification at present, increased controls will make sure all companies will do the necessary to get in line.