Just to give you an impression, here the details of the offer to the ILWU:




February 4, 2015

The PMA Offer


After nine months of bargaining, the Pacific Maritime Association presented a comprehensive offer that would enhance the ILWU’s impressive wage and benefits package. A summary of key points is below.
Wages would continue to rise – well into six figures for full-time workers:


 Full-time ILWU workers already earn an average of $147,000 per year, which includes a base rate of $35.68 per hour, as well as very substantial skill rates, shift premiums, guarantees, overtime, vacation and holiday pay.


 Under the PMA’s latest offer, the base rate would rise to $40.68 over five years – a 14% increase, or roughly 3% each year.


 Given the dramatic multipliers described above, average full-time wages can be expected to rise well above the current $147,000 per year.


Health care benefits would continue to be among the nation’s finest:
 ILWU workers, dependents and retirees currently receive fully employer paid health care, with no premiums, no in-network deductibles or co-pays, $1 prescriptions and 100 percent coverage of basic hospital, medical and surgical benefits.


 These benefits already cost employers $35,000 per worker per year; under the PMA offer, benefits would be fully maintained.


 A recent study by the University of Chicago ranked the cost of the ILWU plan in the nation’s top 1 percent – a trend that is likely to continue under the PMA’s latest offer.


Major recent pension upgrades would be extended:
 The current maximum ILWU pension benefit is $79,920 per year, which is more than double the maximum benefit that was available as recently as 2002.


 The PMA proposal would increase the maximum pension benefit by 11.1% to $88,800 per year.

Additional contract provisions include:
 Existing pay guarantees would be increased to 40 hours per week.


 ILWU would hold jurisdiction over maintenance and repair of truck chassis.
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Further information is available at the PMA website: www.pmanet.org.