NYK: GRI Asia to Europe Dec. 1st, 2015

      Quote     Notification of Increase in Asia - Europe rates as part of NYK Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) Plan 30th October 201 5 Dear Valued Customer,     NYK would like to announce the implementation of the next stage of its 2015 Structural Revenue Recovery (SRR) program for Westbound with effect from 1 [...]

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Maersk: Imo acceptance in Malaysia

    Quote     Dear Valued Customer, Authorities in Malaysia have decided to reinforce a law with respect to the acceptance of transshipment of IMO cargo in Malaysian ports. As a consequence the acceptance of IMO classes 1 and 7 for transshipment in Malaysian ports will stop with immediate effect. Secondly all dangerours cargo [...]

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CMA: MSDS requirement for all Hazardous/Dangerous Goods Containers in Ningbo

    Quote     Dear Valued Customer, Effective October 29th, 2015 The Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration has announced that as of October 29, 2015, all Dangerous Goods (DG) containers entering or departing Ningbo must have an accompanying Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This includes Transshipment and Transit containers. Please provide all MSDS at the time of [...]

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Maersk Douala Congestion Surcharge

      Quote     Douala (Cameroon) – Congestion Surcharge   We are pleased to inform you that effective 15 October 2015 congestion surcharge will no longer apply to imports to Douala (Cameroon). This applies to imports from all origins in the world and to all containers sizes and types. To know more about [...]

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Maersk introduces Pangaon Inland Container Terminal

      Quote     Maersk Bangladesh introduces Pangaon Inland Container Terminal (BDSAA)     In compliance with the Chittagong Port Authority’s (CPA) regulation, we will collect the Chittagong Port Storage Charge for Pangaon ICT bound import containers. Please find relevant details below:       Charge Type: Storage Charge at Chittagong Port Scope: [...]

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OOCL Transatlantic service AX 1 adding Savannah call

      Quote     October 26, 2015 Trans-Atlantic Trade – Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) Adding port call to Savannah     Dear Valued Customer: We are pleased to announce the service upgrade in the Atlantic Express 1 (AX1) service by adding a port call to Savannah starting November 2015.   This call will supplement [...]

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