Container transport is the main business of the OL group and their partners.

We carry FCL/FCL, LCL/LCL and all kinds of mixed versions.

Oceanwide Logistics does pre- carriages, on-carriages in cooperation with shipping lines, our truckers, barge operators and the rail road. We move all sizes of equipment, 20′, 40′, 45′ as well as all types, like Standard containers, (GP) Open tops, Flat Racks, Reefers on a worldwide basis.

If it fits in or on any kind of containers, we will transport the goods for you!

Our specialists can pick up the cargo at the factory anywhere in the world, arrange for the stuffing into containers, including a loading survey, lashing and blocking, insurance, export declarations and documentation, in short, everything needed on the loading side. Once the containers arrive at destination, we can manage the customs declaration, unstuffing of the containers including stripping survey, delivery to the consignee and other possible services needed.