Freightos lands USD 25 Mio in funding

    Quote     Freightos lands $25m in funding The freight rate marketplace and management software provider's venture capital investment has now topped $50 million as it seeks to digitize the freight rate environment. By Eric Johnson |Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Online freight rate marketplace and rate management software provider Freightos has secured $25 [...]

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FMC green light for 2 M cooperation with HMM on Trans Pac

    Source: cntracking     Quote     FMC GREEN LIGHT FOR 2M ALLIANCE CO-OPERATION WITH HMM ON TRANSPACIFIC The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has approved the Maersk Line and MSC (2M Alliance) cooperation agreement with Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), effective tomorrow, but with a proviso on shipper safeguards.   Commissioner William Doyle [...]

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Maersk headed for logistics on land

  Source: cntracking   Quote     MAERSK SETS SAIL FOR LOGISTICS ON LAND AS SHIPPING RATES SLUMP Maersk Line, the world’s biggest shipper, is planning to expand into the Australian logistics market and add other services to its port calls as it battles low freight rates and financial losses. “We’ve got a vision to [...]

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Yang Ming losses continue to mount

  Sourced from Cntracking     Quote     YANG MING LOSSES CONTINUE TO MOUNT AFTER 2016 REVENUE SLUMP Taiwanese ocean carrier Yang Ming has added a 2016 US$492m loss to the net deficit of $258m the previous year.   Revenue plunged to TWD115.4bn, from TWD127.6bn in 2015.   Lars Jensen, chief executive and partner [...]

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      Quote     Globalization     The decades-long rising wave of globalization that remade the world economy is receding. The recent rise of nationalist politicians and protectionist trade rhetoric is the culmination of a broader push against global business since the financial crisis, the WSJ’s Bob Davis and Jon Hilsenrath write, that’s [...]

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USA: Nafta after all

    Quote     Nafta After All The Trump administration is signaling to Congress that in coming negotiations with Mexico and Canada it will seek mostly modest changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, a deal President Donald Trump called a “disaster” during the campaign. An administration draft proposal being circulated in Congress [...]

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