NTT :  Latin America Market – Asia South America (ASA) Service Enhancement



Dear Valued Customer,


Please be informed that APL will be implementing a new port rotation for the Asia South America (ASA) service as part of our continuous effort to improve service delivery.


The new eastbound rotation will provide the best transit time in the market for Shanghai to Mexico, North Central America, and Buenaventura, as well as a competitive transit time for the rest of the Latin America region.


New ASA port rotation:

Busan – Kaohsiung – Chiwan – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Manzanillo – Lazaro Cardenas – Buenaventura – Balboa – Lazaro Cardenas – Manzanillo – Yokohama – Busan


Effective voyage: APL Scotland (v. 225), ETD Busan October 30, 2015


The new rotation will increase the westbound transit times to Shanghai. This is effective from:

APL Scotland (v.224)

ETD Balboa October 6, 2015

ETD Manzanillo, Mexico October 12, 2015


Please be guided accordingly.

Kindly take the note of above and for any further clarification, please call our CUSTOMER SERVICE on 022-39890275.


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