3 May 2016


Jakarta: New Storage Charges and Penalty for Jakarta Port


Dear Valued Customer,


The Jakarta Port Authority has implemented a new regulation with effect from 30 April 2016 that will apply new storage charges and penalty if end consignee do not clear inbound containers from the container yard on time upon container discharge.
The new storage charges and penalty are as follows:


Day 1: Free time
Day 2: 300% of IDR 27,500 per day (i.e. IDR 82,500 per day) storage charge
Day 3: 600% of IDR 27,500 per day (i.e. IDR 165,000 per day) storage charge
Day 4 onwards: 900% of IDR 27,500 per day (i.e. IDR 247,500 per day) storage charge


APL’s vessels berth at the end of the week. However this should not affect operations on the customers’ front as the port operates 24/7/365. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system also operates 24/7/365 online to provide real time updates on container movement. APL will be working closely with the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) to keep brokers and agents informed of container movement.
Customers are advised to check JICT’s Tariff Simulation to calculate the new storage charges at: https://www.jict.co.id/?0=Calculate&x1=18&x2=app


For more information, please contact your local APL representative. We thank you for your business and continued support.
APL Co. Pte Ltd