11 July 2016

SOLAS VGM Submission Fees 

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that effective 1 August 2016, the following charges will apply for submission of VGM to APL:

  • Transmission of VGM via APL-designated channels (i.e. via direct EDI, approved 3rd party portals, APL HomePort, via email using APL standard email template): No fees
  • Manual transmission by shippers: US$25 per container *
  • VGM amendment prior to VGM cut-off: No fees
  • Late VGM or VGM amendment after VGM cut-off: US$100 per container plus all related terminal costs, including re-nomination fee (if any) *
  • For weighing done by terminals who invoice APL (and not shippers directly): APL to re-invoice actual cost charged by terminal plus US$25 per container

* Not applicable to countries where shippers are required to submit VGM to terminals, who will in turn transmit such to APL (i.e. Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, Bahrain and selected areas in the Philippines as at 5 Jul 2016) and the U.S., where terminals perform weighing for shippers at gate-in and transmit VGM to APL.

For more information on SOLAS VGM, please visit our dedicated webpage at APL.com/VGM or contact your local Representative.