In shipping we cannot complain about lack of entertainment. There is a lot going on at the USA West Coast ports and now the Canadian railroad guys want to add to the “fun”, see here below:




Customer Station Bulletin
Customer Update: Canadian Labour TCRC – Running trades will file 72-hour strike notice

February 10, 2015
The TCRC – Running Trades, the union representing our engineers and conductors in Canada, has advised CP it intends to file a 72-hour strike notice.
While the parties continue to meet over the next few days, this notice issued by the union means a work stoppage can occur as early as 12:01 am on February 15, 2015.
Given that CP has received this notice, we will begin preparations for the safe and structured reduction of freight operations on our Canadian network to coincide with the start of a work stoppage.

If necessary, qualified management crews will operate a reduced freight schedule on our Canadian network beginning on February 15, 2015. While trains will continue to operate on CP’s U.S. network, any shipment moving to, from or through Canada will be affected.
Your account representative will contact you in the coming days as to what this will mean for localized service plans.
CP is committed to keeping you informed about any breaking developments.
Keith Creel
President & Chief Operating Officer Canadian Pacific