Not really big news, it is rather a routine, but anyway, here the next CMA announcement on their GRI:





Customer Advisory #110 – 2014
Rate Restoration Initiative (RRI-04) –
Asia to USA
Effective December 15, 2014

Dear Valued Customer,
Effective December 15, 2014, unless otherwise specified, CMA CGM will implement a RATE RESTORATION INITIATIVE (RRI-04) that will apply to all cargo tariff or service contract rates on cargo moving under the scope of this tariff as outlined.

From: All Asia (includes Far East) Ports of Load
To and/or Via: ALL U.S.A. Ports of Discharge
USD 800.00 per 20′ (all equipment types)
USD 1000.00 per 40′ (all equipment types)
USD 1125.00 per 40’HC (all equipment types)
USD 1125.00 per 40′ (Reefer equipment types)
USD 1266.00 per 45′ (all equipment types)
USD 1600.00 per 53′ (all equipment types)

The above charges are in addition to any existing tariff Rate Restoration Initiative charges.