The surcharges keep on falling down on us, here the next one:




Customer Advisory #98 – 2014


Intermodal Door Delivery Surcharge Asia to USA

Effective November 15, 2014

Dear Valued Customer,
As you may be well aware, the overall intermodal situation in North America has steadily deteriorated over the last several months. The overall operational environment is stressed across all modes of intermodal, especially local trucking.

While we remain committed to moving your cargo in a timely manner, some of the issues such as extensive port congestion, truck driver shortages, and sharply increased rail volumes have resulted in significant cost increases which are totally beyond our ability to influence. They have also restricted our ability to make significant improvements to service delivery. All of these challenges do not permit the normal flow of cargo into and out of the North American market.



As a measure to keep up with these increasing costs and to better manage our intermodal vendors, we have filed an Intermodal Door Delivery Surcharge (IDDS) of US$ 100 per container with an effective date of November 15, 2014 covering all import cargo moving to store door destinations.